News from the HART – January 2007

The Year of Understanding

    Alesha, a channeled  angel, reports that 2007 is the year of understanding. What a welcomed relief to know that we will be able to grasp the depth of our human experience this year. We each are aware of the struggles and difficulties faced getting to this point in time/space and the infinitely wise Grandparents are equally aware as each one of us accomplishes our contracted goals upon re-birth into this human drama.
This fabulous school called Earth provides opportunities to live and
learn the human experience as spiritual beings. Take a deep breath and
look around at those who also survive their soul-level Armageddons.
There are lots of folks thought long gone but, as it turns out, they
are simply on another path moving in the same direction.  Isn’t it
wonderful to re-unite with those we have loved for so long? And, now
that we are awake and responsible, Earth awaits our conscious efforts
to usher in the light of healing to The Garden as we begin our journey
toward The One. Isn’t this incredible gift called life amazing? Namasté
– I honor the highest good in you that is in me.  


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