News from the HART – February 2007

We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting On

 I often hear folks say “I am waiting for a teacher.” Well, there are teachers all about us in everything that we do every moment of our lives. When we notice this we may discover that we are simply waiting to awaken to our inner teacher and inner healer. There really is no one outside of us that can connect us with our truth. They may share their tools,
like vision quest, hart work, trance dance, the healing will of intention, etc. but in the end we are the only ones who can go internal and integrate our self-awareness into personal power to catapult us to our next level of consciousness. When we discover our life patterns we may recognize that within ourselves we have all the tools we need to bring our reality into focus. It is not a difficult action. Just sit down and journal about your life-long teachers and bring into consciousness exactly what you learned from each one of them. This simple action will help transform you from a victim into taking charge of your life. You may notice that you are able to transform yourself emotionally spiritually physically by moving into personal responsibility to establish an intention to know your truth and set yourself free. 

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