News from the HART – April 2007

Direct Interface Readout

 Sometimes I forget how it feels to be exposed to the Unified Field because I have been exposed since 1975 without the ability to step into the Shadow with impunity. Last weekend I officiated a crossing over ceremony for a dear friend. I invited some family members to help me set up but it didn’t go as I had hoped and there was a lot I had to do to get everything in place. I was interrupted several timeswhile making flower arrangements and had to walk out of the room to keep from saying something stupid when I became angry at the interruptions. Later it was very clear that my anger had not gone unnoticed when a child asked his mother, “Why is that lady angry?” I do not know who that child was but I thank him for reminding me how important it is to be aware of everything I do, think, feel, and say. It does no good to apologize at that level. That child’s Direct Interface Readout helped me realize that I am still vulnerable when exposed to the Unified Field. It was good for me to remember the feelings of vulnerability that come with exposure. For those just beginning this journey into Revelation I want you to know that I grasp the frightening qualities of the experience. Do not allow that fear of being exposed in all that you are – the good, the bad, and the indifferent – stop you from moving into your personal Armageddon. In my experience it is by far the quickest way to expose the human experience and transform it into a spiritual experience so we may return to The Garden. What I do for my self I do for you, too. In The Garden we are all One. Mitakuye Oyasin – All My Relations

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