News from the HART – June 2007

A Sense of Otherness

    It is vital that we begin to bring into our consciousness the importance of those around us. We have such an incredible opportunity to learn from each other through our interactions. Whether it is personal or professional we can manifest community by setting forth principles that honor the diversity of the human experience. When we think outside of ourselves we can change the way of humanity.
You may think that is simplistic but doesn’t it begin with the individual? Isn’t everything little thing governed by how one human being interacts with another. Therefore, when I change the way I behave it stands to reason that those around me will change the way they behave. For instance, if someone exhibits disrespect toward me my first reaction might be to show disrespect back but if I can step aside from that initial gut feeling of being slighted and move to a place of acceptance I don’t get caught up in the Dance of Belial. Sometimes it takes several interchanges to recognize that I have fallen into old behavior but eventually, if I choose consciousness, I become aware of the need to change and remove myself from my Automatic Response System. A really good way to do that is what I call “Catching the Shadow.” Get a pocket notebook and pen and carry it with you 24/7. Every time you fall into old behavior take out the notebook and write down the date, time, event, and what you “did.” At some point you will become aware that the time gap between the event and your reaction lessens as you gain insight enough to make the change in the moment. It is in that moment when you will discover that the shift in your behavior becomes the pebble on the pond as others around you change the way the act toward you. This is a very quick method of behavior modification that I have developed. You can also utilize The Healing Will of Intention at The HART Center to help you recognize behavior but that method is even more experiential through walking the Medicine Wheel/ Labyrinth. It is a powerful tool for going internal to find the emotional spiritual physical mental imbalances and making corrections within and without.

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