News from the HART – July 2007

Just Another Bump in the Road

    Life has a way of offering us incredible challenges to stay our foot to the path. It seems that we move along at an incredible pace when something first begins to formulate, then it softens, and finally comes to a halt unless someone is willing to maintain the momentum.
Someone I was talking with compared it to a new relationship by saying that staying clear through the first endorphin phase is essential to making it to the next part that requires a bit more thought and a lot more action to stay balanced. We get so excited about the possibilities that we often forget there is work involved. When it is time to roll up the sleeves and apply the energy to move to the next step we frequently stop and just allow the opportunity to slip through our hands. Armageddon is strictly a personal journey through which we will either choose to go or not. We are all learning there are no gurus, teachers, or others who can “lead” us unto consciousness. That places an individual in a position of stepping into a singular state of being and making the right next choice for Self. Some may think that is mighty egocentric/selfish but the fact is that life is a selfish program and until we learn to accept that and make the necessary choices for right relationship within our reality then everything else is just about living within the cultural meme. The Grandparents never seem to stop hoping that We will wake up to our responsibility to make Earth a better place by changing how We relate to our environment and each other. Thus, We are provided myriad opportunities that flow to Us from the Universe to make a better and brighter day. One way to do that is to recognize that obstacles are just another bump in the road that don’t have to stop our journey to attaining and maintaining a state of conscious living.

    These bumps can become impetus to move from one level to another in order to more clearly see our destination. The Bigger Picture is visible from where We are standing at this point in time/space. So, to become more adaptable to change We learn to take a deep breath to clear our minds then place our foot into right relationship. Let it begin with Me.

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