News from the HART – August 2007

Relax and Transform

The other morning I woke up with my voice in my head saying “relax and transform.” I immediately noticed that my neck and shoulders were extremely tense. I consciously relaxed. It was in that moment that I understood I had not given myself an opportunity to relax during the sleep state. The experience was like getting a message from my future self to make changes in how I relate to the gift of body in the present. What a concept. I don’t’ know about y’all but I am finding myself equally busy during the waking and sleeping states. There seems to be so much to do in this time/space continuum. Nonetheless, when I stay in conscious living I discover that my emotional spiritual physical self will tell me what I need for optimal health. So, before you drift off to sleep and as soon as you awaken go through you body and notice the tense areas and give yourself permission to allow that tension to leave your body. You’re the only one who can do that for yourself. Taking these moments will help you become better equipped to meet the challenges of the day. Have frequent massages to help your body learn to release and how it feels to be without tension. Learn to release tension during the waking and sleep states so your body can relax and transform.

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