Newsletter – September 2007

From Our Children’s Children’s Children

I watched the United Nations hearings the other day and was amazed to hear an 11 year old stand before the body and speak her truth about our planetary environment. She was clear and succinct and held the attention of everyone in that chamber.

Now, this was an 11 year old child who is not supposed to be able to abstract think. The words that came from her mouth were spoken so directly from her heart that it connected with every single person in that hearing. She talked about the adult’s responsibility to take charge of what they are doing in their respective countries and correct the errors of their ways. We are now accountable to our children. We often place them in another category as though they don’t count. However, the children of today are making their voices heard. Most generations are around 14 before they began to speak their truth, although they most often are unheard. This child was eleven. The children of today are younger and even more brilliant and conscious than any generation thus far. I am watching, listening and hearing them. I know children who are three and four years old speaking their truths, participating in Yoga and other disciplines that are usually placed outside of their reach; however, parents discover when their children are  given the opportunity these types of disciplines are already established in their children’s reality.  It is time to recognize and encourage them. Every single day we are faced with myriad opportunities to transform into conscious Human Beings who care about self, others and our home, Earth. Seldom do we realize the importance and accountability of taking personal responsibility for everything we do, think and say but more and more each day we are being given the chance to be responsible. As my generation grows older we are delighted to recognize the young ones coming in carrying the banner for freedom to be conscious and responsible. Next time you encounter a young one take a moment to sit and talk and listen with them. Encourage them in their awareness.  Ah, the gratitude is overflowing. Namaste

Reiki Level III Master Attunement

September 23      Jane Abraham     10 am – 1 pm        $200 

Trance Dance

September 28      Jane Abraham & Keith Henderson   6 – 9 pm   $35

Mystery School of Indigenous People

Gary Adler FourStar

Dreams and Vision

October 12, 13 & 14

$250            21 contact hours

Learn to utilize ancient perspectives to find meaning in your dreamtime messages. Experience the power of dreams through the sacred hoop teaching or recognition, choice, commitment, and surrender. Recognize the multiple levels of dream consciousness. Differentiate between prophetic, everyday problem solving dreams, dreamtime schools, visionary dreams, travel dreams, waking dreams and shamanic dream states. Identify meaning and purpose in the dream realm through ancient perspectives and techniques. Practice "village interpretation" to identify illusions that separate you from your vision and dreams.  


The Healing Arts Research Training Center and Experiential Healing Center are collaborating to offer an innovative approach to healing from any attachment disorders. iq will offer participants an opportunity to delve into the deeper issues that arise when they get “stuck” in their recovery process. Through the use of experiential techniques we will provide a wide array of services to help participants find true meaning and purpose in their lives so they may live as conscious and responsible spiritual beings learning the human experience.

Community Services from The HART     Donation of $10

Acupuncture Detoxification        Every Day upon request     5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

We offer this too those who want to detoxify their bodies from various substances as well as to de-stress. You must call Jane 901-828-1332 to participate.

Drumming Circle       Every Other Monday      7:30 – 9 pm

Keith leads this open drumming circle. Bring your drum and if you don’t have one we have a few that you may choose from to play. Call Keith 901-493-1103 to discover which Monday is the one…

Meditation     Every Tuesday     6 – 7:30 pm

This is an open meditation circle. Call Kevin McLellan 901 -832-0521 for information.

Healing Meditation     Every Wednesday      5:30 – 6:30 pm

This is an open meditation focused on healing led by Kathy Schnider 901-754-9508 for information.

Open HART Night      Every Wednesday      7 – 8:30 pm

Certified practitioners volunteer their time and energy to work with the community.

Massages        Every Friday         9 am – 5 pm          $15

These student massages are provided by students from Concorde Career College. They are fabulous. We are filled through 9/14. Call jane 901-828-1332 toward the end of the month to see when we have new students arriving.

 Grace House Regional Training Events

September 21      Boundaries      Elaine Orland, LCSW       9 am – 3:30 pm         $30    6 contact hours

September 22      Family Dynamics     Jane Abraham, MCSW   9 am – 3:30 pm   $30    6 contact hours

The HART Center offers Domestic Violence Batterer Intervention, Anger Management, and Parenting Classes for those who need to address these issue and move into recovery. Call Jane 901-828-1332 to discuss these classes in detail.


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