Newsletter – November 2007

                                                              Setting Intention

   How often do we move into Spiritual Bypass thinking that if we’re just "good enough" that we will have everything our heart desires. Well, regardless of what anyone has ever told me I have discovered that if I desire something I must put forth the effort to bring that into being… 

   I somehow new intuitively that I must be willing to put forth the energy and focus to have those things that I want in my life manifest. Twenty years ago, when we first dreamed of being the guardians of a healing center we had a beautiful 325 acres offered to us to utilize any way that we saw fit. We didn’t have the credentials to really facilitate the things that we wanted to so we declined and began to apply our energy and focus to gathering credentials that would give us the support needed for the world to accept our offering. Needless to say that took quite a while to accomplish but we have done that – to the nth degree I might add.

   Now we have The HART Center in  place through one miracle after the other. For instance, when I went to dance the intention for The HART Way a storm blew down a tree from our neighbor’s yard into our yard and when we cut it to take it to the street there were 13 perfect hearts. When you walk into The HART Center three of those hearts are the first things your eyes see. When I got back from the intensive I called a realtor friend and he had a listing for a building with a 1200 square foot room on the back that would be perfect for our experiential events. Now, to me that was spirit working for me because I was willing to do the initial groundwork that set the intention for manifesting our vision of 20 years.

   What you experience when you come into The HART Center is the incredible energy of everyone who is part of the manifestation of energy and focus. Every single person who talked with us and dreamed with us is part of the energy you feel when you walk into the door. It is pretty amazing.   By the way, we feel the same energy when we walk into The HART Center as everyone else. It is not us who places that feeling there it is Spirit. We are mere guardians. So if you have never been by The HART Center come by for one of the evening events. There are a lot of things going on. Check out the calendar on the web site and see what strikes your fancy. Looking forward…


                      Kundalini Laya Yoga              November 1 & 15

                                             Kirantana – Master Yogi

                    First and Third Thursday each month from 7 – 9:30 PM

                                            $10 minimum donation

                                                    Trance Dance

We are cancelling the Thanksgiving Trance Dance and taking time for family. Happy Thanksgiving and Many Blessings every day.

Mystery School of Indigenous People

Gary Adler FourStar

Discovering Allies, Guides and Helpers

November 30, December 1 & 2

$250            21 contact hours

Through dance, song, sound, color and art discover archetypal symbols represented through the natural world. Discover the indigenous use of trance states invoking animal and spirit helpers. Discover the doorways to other dimensions through trance states. Experience a connection with your allies, guides and helpers. Discuss your experience with HART DANCE and your Mandala/Sacred Hoop (art work) to create dialogue for personal growth and healthier relationships. experience a multidimensional journey to identify and create an internal dialogue with your allies, guides and helpers. Learn techniques for balancing your energy centers. Explore the depths of HART DANCE with breath, music, trance, and movement. Illustrate the experience with art supplies. Work with ancient teachings of the Sacred Hoops (the Medicine Wheel).

                                               Robin Productions – Setting Intention

Robin Productions is in full swing again with the firt offerning. Setting Intention is a new guided meditation for those who want to explore the blockages that stop manifestation and encourages taking action to shift those blocks. The music is beautiful and the meditation is simple and direct.


innerquest opened November 1, 2007. We offer a wide array of outpatient experiential techniques that will assist those seeking to explore a deeper quality of life in their recovery. We utilize The ESP Model to help participants attain emotional spiritual physical balance. This innovative approach to healing attachment disorders will offer participants an opportunity to delve into issues while remaining in the sacred container throughout their innerquest.


Community Services from The HART     Donation of $10

Acupuncture Detoxification        Every Day upon request     5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

We offer this too those who want to detoxify their bodies from various substances as well as to de-stress. You must call Jane 901-828-1332 to participate.

Drumming Circle       Monday    12 & 26       7:30 – 9 pm

Keith leads this open drumming circle. Bring your drum and if you don’t have one we have a few that you may choose from to play. Call Keith 901-493-1103 to discover which Monday is the one…

Meditation     Every Tuesday     6 – 7:30 pm

This is an open Buddhist meditation circle. Call Kevin McLellan 901 -832-0521 for information.

Healing Meditation     Every Wednesday      5:30 – 6:30 pm

This is an open meditation focused on healing led by Kathy Schnider 901-754-9508 for information.

Open HART Night      Every Wednesday      7 – 8:30 pm

Certified practitioners volunteer their time and energy to work with the community.


Grace House Regional Training Events

November 16   Healthy Relationships    Elaine Orland, LCSW    9 am – 3:30 pm    $30    6 contact hours

November 17   Stress Management      Jane Abraham, LCSW   9 am – 3:30 pm    $30    6 contact hours

The HART Center offers Domestic Violence Batterer Intervention, Anger Management, and Parenting Classes for those who need to address these issue and move into recovery. Call Jane 901-828-1332 to discuss these classes in detail.


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