Newsletter – January 2008

The Sacred Self

     When I think about my  life I realize that the journey has been one amazing miracle after another. Unexplainable  influence has been  how some experiences that seemed impossible to handle in the moment transformed me emotionally spiritually physically to another plane of existence so I could survive.

     Over these 58 years I have noticed a few unusual influences. Meditation is one that is really unusual. It uses the mind to calm the emotions. To practice the discipline of meditation transforms it into an art. I have learned to relax into the moment so the internal dialogue stops altogether. The monkey chatter is maddening at times when we first begin to practice but after a while it calms down and eventually stops. It is like being in another reality where there is only serenity and peace. Discipline is the key to this practice. It is remarkable to be able to tap into the energetic flow of the meditative state when going through a difficult experience. It helps us be less reactive. Practice by sitting silently for 3 minutes and as you become comfortable increase the time a minute at a time until you reach about 20 minutes. You will be amazed and really glad when you begin to practice this discipline. You may want to use a simple phrase over and over to help you stay focused, a mantra, like Be Still and Know.     

     Prayer is another unusual influence. What I notice about prayer is that it links my mind to the collective consciousness through my conscious choice. Prayer is like plucking a string on a harp. It reverberates endlessly unless one places something on it to make it stop. Prayer reverberates around the universe like that. It seeps into like minds, those that are open to it, and influences a way of being. Prayer is a spiritual practice that can also help one through difficulties through becoming less reactive. In the 12 step program prayer "asks only for knowledge of the will of a higher power and the power to carry it out." It takes a higher power out of the role of Santa claus and places it is an entirely different perspective.

     Yet another unusual influence is exercise. I have been active most of my life until I reached about 45. Then I began to sit at my computer and discovered I had become sedentary in almost every aspect of life. I would sit and listen to clients, sit and watch tv, sit down for dinner, sit sit sit. When I became ill and lost my muscle tone I was in a position where I had to have help regaining some use of my muscles, I found a personal trainer and soon realized that exercise had been part of what was missing in my life. It no longer sufficed to walk up a flight of stairs at work, or across the campus at school – I had to really begin to place value on getting my body into shape through rigorous strength training. I have been doing this for almost 2 years and my body sings with gratitude. Get a membership at the YMCA and find a personal trainer to help you get focused and learn to strengthen your body.  

      All of this is to say to you that I pray that 2008 brings you awareness of the miracles in your life that have taken you to the next step in your awareness. I have been catapulted into consciousness mostly because of my own stubbornness and ignorance. Once at a place of total awareness of the disrespect I have had for mind body spirit I was fortunately given an opportunity to step into another way of living. I pray that you are given that second – third – fourth – chance, too. Happy New Year(s) and may you find a Happy Life through gaining emotional spiritual physical awareness and balance. Love love love Jane


     January 4 is the opening date for this incredibly deep internal exploration we are offering at The HART Center.  innerquest will take only 6 folks at a time so those who choose to undergo this process will have a full and complete experience. You  will be able to address attachments of all kinds, including nicotine and caffeine as well as all other substances and behaviors that result in life problems.

     The innerquest process will happen at The HART Center, a licensed non-residential treatment facility. Participants will  experience deep healing through utilizing techniques such as psychodrama, reconstruction, hart work, trance movement, mask making, rage release, massage, meditation, yoga, a personal trainer, and delicious food that you can learn to prepare. This 24/7 milieu will be individualized to meet the needs of each person at the deepest level.

     The innerquest process will be enhanced when participants stay inside a sacred container while going through The HART Center process.  The HART Center partners, Experiential Healing Center, are offering you this opportunity to lodge in a house with other participants, or you may choose to stay in a hotel nearby, although there is little to compare with being inside a sacred container when doing deeply personal healing work. I encourage you to stay in the sacred container with others while you participate in the innerquest process at The HART Center. The house is beautiful and EHC is eager to open the door for your stay.

     To be considered for innerquest you must have gone through primary treatment and be medically detoxed, if necessary, and be ready to set aside nicotine and caffeine  as well as all other unhealthy attachments.  Call Jane at 901-828-1332 to discuss your thoughts around finding emotional spiritual physical balance.

Events from the HART 

January 5      9 am – 3 pm      HART Work      Keith & Jane      $75

The first Saturday of the year HART Work is a tradition from the HART. We welcome in the new year by offering an opportunity for everyone to explore the energy unfolding before them in a good way. This deeply personal experience involves you with breath, music, art and a discussion of your experience in a group setting. Please remember to bring a sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, and dress in loose warm, comforatble clothes.

January 13     10 am – 1 pm    Reiki Level I          Jane           $100

The initial attunement for Reiki will open you to the Universal Reiki energy flow. It is a profound experience that continues to unfold for days and days. Reiki energy is a clear energy stream that brings with it healing energy from Source.

February 1,2,3    Creating the Manifestation Wheel   Gary Adler FourStar     $250

This ancient/modern teaching will be around recognizing your life’s Purpose and Vision. It will help you to create a dream wheel. The dream wheel will guide you to the realization and manifestation of your Dreams through a practical creative experience that is a daily helper in your visualization and manifestation process.

Bring a poster board, glue, magazines, scissors and colored pens or pencils. You will need to bring a CD with your favorite song…with intense meaning to you. Prepare for creative activity with all aspects of who you are.  

February  8,9,10     Mask Making                Keith & Jane            $225

This intensive will begin with trance movement on Firday night after which you will partner up so each of you can have a mask made of your face. After everyone has made their mask we will end for the night and reconvene Saturday morning to being the day with hart work. Once through that process you will decorate your mask and prepare to disclose your experience through a ritual that you will create. We will end Sunday with a release of the old as you step into the new.

February 22         Trance Movement            Keith & Jane          $35

This experience starts with limbering up and placing a blindfold over your eyes. Once blindfolded intense music will play and you are given an opportunity to allow your body to move to the rhythm. It is fairly incredible to sense the motion and energy of those around you who are also moving with blindfolds over their eyes. Guardians will help keep you safe as you learn to trust the moment and move.

Robin Productions

We have another new CD called Healing 2. It is very beautiful – flowing and melodic harmonies blend to carry you to a place of quiet within so the healing energies can smooth your mind, body, spirit. You will like this one a lot.

HART Center Treatment Services

The HART Center offers Outpatient Treatment, Domestic Violence Batterer Intervention, Anger Management, and Parenting Classes for those who need to address these issue and move into recovery. Call Jane 901-828-1332 to discuss these classes in detail.

COMMUNITY SERVICES          $10  FEE required

We are reaching a place of no return on these services. We have offered them for donation because we feel the community benefits. However, the community is not making the needed donations to keep the lights, heat or air on and the doors open. Leave a minimum of $10 for any event listed below. 

Acupuncture Detoxification         Sunday – Thursday upon request        

                              5:30 pm – 6:30 pm            $10 required

We offer this to those who want to detoxify their bodies from various substances as well as to de-stress. You must call Jane 901-828-1332 to participate.

Meditation    Tuesday     6 – 7:30 pm      $10 required

This is an open Buddhist meditation circle. Call Kevin McLellan 901 -832-0521 for information.

Healing Meditation     Every Wednesday      5:30 – 6:30 pm   $10 required 

This is an open meditation focused on healing led by Kathy Schnider 901-754-9508 for information. Open HART Night      Every Wednesday      7 – 8:30 pm   $10 required 

Certified practitioners volunteer their time and energy to work for the community.

Kundalini Laya Yoga Thursday  13th & 27th   7 – 9:30 pm   $10 required

Kirantana teaches. Bring a yoga mat and 2 meditation pillows.

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