Newsletter – February 2008


     One of the most amazing things occurring right now is the level of communication between people. It is wonderful to see so many folks willing to sit down and share their inner most secret desires in a good way,

as though no one is afraid to talk about anything anymore. I notice some talking about politics, others about religion, money is no longer taboo and most importantly sex is out there with no shame or fear. I also watch some talk about magic and little people, the holy spirit and other topics that heretofore have been secreted away.

     Today it is wonderful to see people with such incredible abilities stepping up to help others through psychic communication with those who have passed over or guardian angels. We have channels, mediums, transceivers and so many more who share their awareness with others.

     We have taken the step into tomorrow and left limiting fear behind to dwindle away as dust on the wind. It is just plain exciting to see all of this unfolding so clearly and magnificently. I remember growing up in all the fear that kept folks locked into the cultural meme without contempt and challenge. It just was the way it was. Back then, children who experienced these extrasensory perceptions were made to feel crazy and out of touch with reality. Often we just kept our perceptions to ourselves so we wouldn’t be taken by the devil to hell or sent to the loony bin. Sometimes I wonder how many of my generation are still in mental institutions because they could see and hear and feel other realities that frightened those around them to the point that they were institutionalized. Probably more common than we like to think…

     Today we can talk out loud about these awarenesses. We can practice Reiki with each other knowing that the Universe has prepared us to march toward the human potential in a good way. We have the ability to walk our walk and let others touch the beautiful energy of love and compassion that permeates this marvelous Eden Earth. We are returning to the Garden for all to see and share with love to all and harm to none for the greatest benefit to all. It’s All Sacred. Namasté

Events from the HART 

February  8,9,10     Mask Making                Keith & Jane            $225

This intensive will begin with trance movement on Friday night after which you will partner up so each of you can have a mask made of your face. After everyone has made their mask we will end for the night and reconvene Saturday morning to begin the day with Hart Work. Once that process is completed you will decorate your mask and prepare to disclose your experience through a ceremony that you will create. We will end Sunday with a release of the old as you step into the new. We have a lot of materials for you to have for  decorations but  you want to be extra aware of your surroundings this week and pick up things that may call to you for your ceremony or decorations. This is a fun process that can carry you into a rich internal experience. 

February 22         Trance Movement            Keith & Jane          $35

This experience starts with limbering up and placing a blindfold over your eyes. Once blindfolded intense music will play and you are given an opportunity to allow your body to move to the rhythm. It is fairly incredible to sense the motion and energy of those around you who are also moving with blindfolds over their eyes. Guardians will help keep you safe as you learn to trust the moment and move.

March 13, 14, 15       Prophecy and Beyond      Gary FourStar     March 13, 14, 15

This workshop will speak and visit the areas of Prophecy concerning the coming times so that we, as individuals and communities can act in a balanced way without fear. Recognizing that the Earth, like all of life has it’s natural flow and ebb, or seasons of change and rebirth, we will deal with what we can do in positive and affirmative ways to create and strengthen our relationships with the spirit and natural worlds. How can we live so that our children and grandchildren can live in the future with a balanced way of being? This is the focus of this workshop… intense, fun, sad, factual, and demanding.

Please leave your beliefs outside the door… you can always pick them up as you leave. Contact Kay Hollahan at 901-239-6724.


innerquest is proving to be all that we had planned. We are witnessing miracle after miracle as people dive into their psyche to uncover and discover the things that have kept them solidly locked into their automatic response system. It is a beautiful opportunity to go clear with the past while standing firm in the present as the path is paved for the future. If you have issues or concerns about the meaning and purpose of your life please consider the iq opportunity to explore your inner resources in a sacred container with those of like mind, body, and spirit and give yourself a chance to explore ways and means to attain and maintain emotional spiritual physical balance.



Acupuncture Detoxification         Sunday – Thursday upon request        

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm            $10 

We offer  this to those who want to detoxify their bodies from various substances as well as to de-stress. You must call Jane 901-828-1332 to participate.

Relationship Circle        first Monday of each month          7:30 – 10 pm      $10

We decided to open the relationship circle to the community to continue our exploration of ideas and the cultural memes that permeate our perceptions as we focus our energy to go clear. Give it a try.

Buddhist Meditation    Tuesday     6 – 7:30 pm      $10

This is an open Buddhist meditation circle. Please support this wonderful experience. Call Kevin McLellan 901 -832-0521 for information.

Open HART Night      Wednesday      7 – 8:30 pm   $10 

Certified practitioners volunteer their time and energy to work for the community.

Kundalini Laya Yoga Thursday  7th & 14th  7 – 9:30 pm   $10

Kirantana teaches. Bring a yoga mat and 2 meditation pillows.

It’s nice to have companions on this happy road to destiny.

The HART Center Treatment Services 

The HART Center offers Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment, Domestic Violence Batterer Intervention, Anger Management, and Parenting Classes for those who need to address these issues and move into recovery. Call Jane 901-828-1332 to discuss these classes in detail.

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