Newsletter – March 2008


     Great calmness under strain. Isn’t that what we all want and need in our lives? When all is said and done aren’t we all seeking something that will give us evenness of mind under stress? How may we begin to have that which we seek manifest in in our day-to-day lives?

    We are going through this transition, kinda’ like going through the eye of the needle and extra baggage doesn’t allow us to go through. Stress, racing thoughts, physical tension prohibit us from getting where we want to go. We can peak our heads through but the rest gets stuck.

    Getting stuck is probably the easiest way to move itno complacency reaching that state of giving up… Try something new to help you break out of that stuckness so you can begin to recognize that you have been in the same place for a long, long time and to move forward you must set aside some of the dis-ease that keeps you locked into the old paradigm.

     We get stuck in a lot of differnt ways. We may think we have reached the goal and move itno spiritual bypass with a strong feeling that we have it all together. Then something happens and knocks our world for a loop. It is times like that when we must get up and take action to shake off the extra bagge so we can move foward. Sometimes we are just in plain old denial. It is easy to get there without even knowing where we are. That is what makes up denial in the first place.

     The HART Center offers meditation, yoga, pilates, energy work, massage, guided meditation, HART Work, Trance Movement and individual therapy to help you incorporate that Alpha state into your reality. The Sanctuary on Stage Road in Bartlet offers many wonderful opportunities to find just the right method. Unity Church on Walnut Grove has energy work available. Experiential healing Center has enery work. There are probably other places that I don’t know about offering so much to the community.  

     Take a chance and explore some of these incredible opportunities to find your way into the new paradigm.  It’s All Sacred.

Events from the HART 

March 1       9 am – 3 pm             HART WORK                     Jane and Keith              $75

Bring a sleeping bag, blankets, and a pillow to lie upon while breathing to music on your journey. Lunch is provided.

March 13, 14, 15       Prophecy and Beyond      Gary FourStar     March 13, 14, 15    $250

This workshop will speak and visit the areas of Prophecy concerning the coming times so that we, as individuals and communities can act in a balanced way without fear. Recognizing that the Earth, like all of life has it’s natural flow and ebb, or seasons of change and rebirth, we will deal with what we can do in positive and affirmative ways to create and strengthen our relationships with the spirit and natural worlds. How can we live so that our children and grandchildren can live in the future with a balanced way of being? This is the focus of this workshop… intense, fun, sad, factual, and demanding.

Please leave your beliefs outside the door… you can always pick them up as you leave. Contact Kay Hollahan at 901-239-6724.

March 27, 28, 29, 30    Understanding Codependency   Experiential Healing Center    $950

This four-day event is a program designed to address the underlying emotional issues related to painful life history including trauma and fmaily of origin issues that form the way we see and relate to current life relationships.It is held at a retreat center in Oxford. Please go to for details.

April 11, 12, 13                     Rage Release              Keith & Jane             $225

If you are having difficulty expressing anger appropriately it may be a result of long standing resentment. This three-day intensive will delve into the depth of your anger and the interpretation of conflicts that your have held for a lifetime. You will be able to give yourself permission to really let out the feelings that have kept you locked into unhealthy behavior and replace those feelings and behaivors with a deep sense of satisfaction as you allow yourself to "go clear."  All three days are mandatory and a cap of 15 people is in place so everyone will receive the full benefit of this experience.

April 25                               Trance Movement       Keith and Jane         $35

Dont’ forget your sacred scarf to cover your eyes. Wear loose comfortable clothing and no jewelry.

Memphis/Shelby Count Anti-Drug Coalition

The HART Center will host a town hall meeting April 2 at 7 pm to discuss underage drinking and what our community can do to address this important issue. There is no charge for this town hall meeting. We want folks from evey walk of life to join in the effort to serve our children.


innerquest is an incredible experience. Miracle after miracle is unfolding as people dive into their psyche to explore things that have kept them locked into dis-ease. innerquest offers an opportunity to go clear with the past while standing firm in the present as the path is paved for the future. If you have issues or concerns about the meaning and purpose of your life please consider the iq process to explore your inner resources in a sacred container with those of like mind, body and spirit to give yourself a chance to explore ways and means to attain and maintain emotional spiritual physical balance. To discuss details call 901-361-2517 and ask for a screening for eligibility.

The HART Center Treatment Services 

The HART Center offers Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment, Domestic Violence Batterer Intervention, Anger Management, and Parenting Classes for those who need to address these issues and move into recovery. Call Jane 901-828-1332 to discuss these classes in detail.

Grace House Reiongal Traininge Events  

March 21   9 am – 3:30 pm   Shame   

Kent Fisher and Michelle Rappaport will explore how shammes ia taken on by people, the depths that it blocks recovery and ways to resolve those issues.    

March 22  9 am – 3:30 pm    Relapse and Prevention    

Jane Abraham will focus on ways to identify relapse behaviors and provide ways to change them.


These services are provided to the community for a $10 fee.

Acupuncture Detoxification         Sunday – Thursday upon request        

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm             

We offer  this to those who want to detoxify their bodies from various substances as well as to de-stress. You must call Jane 901-828-1332 to participate.

Relationship Circle        first Monday of each month          7:30 – 9:30 pm     

We decided to open the relationship circle to the community to continue our exploration of ideas and the cultural memes that permeate our perceptions as we focus our energy to go clear. Give it a try.

Yoga/Pilates                  Tuesday & Thursday       10 am – 11:30 am

Truth offers these classes in Hatha Yoga and Pilates to the community. Bring a mat, block, and strap.

Buddhist Meditation    Tuesday     6 – 7:30 pm      

This is an open Buddhist meditation circle. Call Kevin McLellan 901 -832-0521 for information.

Open HART Night      Wednesday      7 – 8:30 pm    

Certified practitioners volunteer their time and energy to work for the community.

Kundalini Laya Yoga Thursday  6th & 20th  7 – 9:30 pm   

Kirantana teaches. Bring a yoga mat and 2 meditation pillows.

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