Newsletter – August 2008

                                               Lunar Eclipse Meditation

                                               August 16    7:30 PM

Prince Hirindra, who teaches the wisdon of the Himalayas, will lead  a meditation to concentrate the lunar energy into the heart with focus upon the Wellness of Mother Earth. This means we will bring the energy of the moon to the Sanctuary of the Earth. Join us for this wonderful expression of love and well-being to the Mother of Us All.

                                                           Manifest Destiny


      When I am in the middle of transformation I focus my energy in most amazing ways. It is an incredible experience to notice that I can accomplish a hundred-fold the things I thought I could not get done. Then before I know it everything is completed and I stand in awe of what has been accomplished. Life is like that, you know. The rewards of a finished task can be one of the most awesome feelings that life has to offer. I often wonder about folks who procrastinate. It is difficult for me to understand why someone would want to put things off when the results can be so magnificent that it makes any effort worthwhile. Not quite instant gratification but mighty close to it… I have discovered that everything is part of my journey toward self-actualization.

      There always seems to be some excuse to deny there is anything to do that is not being done. I notice people all the time who say they are going to do a thing and then don’t do it. They find myriad excuses to set aside commitment and pretend it is someone else’s fault that they are not getting where they want to go. I notice that often when they lay blame. Laying blame covers their own shortcomings so they can stay in denial about their choices and what it costs them.

     I get curious about folk who decide to ignore the call to keep their foot to the path. I notice people right on the brink of manifesting what they say they want then they walk away with an idea that they have somewhere else to go and something else to do. It is totally amazing as their world crumbles around them while they stand looking baffled about what happened. Oh well, what is one to do except watch and notice and pray that they find their way another time another day another place down their road. One thing I am certain of… if they keep at least one toe on their path they will manifest their destiny and live their dream. 

 Love Always in All Ways Jane


August Events from the HART

Saturday       August 2      9 am – 3 pm    HART WORK         Keith and Jane       $75  

Bring a sleeping bag and wear comfortable clothing. You must commit to the whoel 6 hours.      

Community Services from the HART – Love Offerings

Tuesday and Sunday   6 pm – 7 pm      T’ai Chi         Jafar Casurella       $10

This ancient Chinese martial art is a beautiful form that will help you get focused and learn techniques that you can use for healing as well as self-defense.

Wednesday   7 pm – 8:30 pm    Open HART Night     Community Volunteers    $10

For energy work you come in and sign your name, a practitioner will ask you to set an intention and then provide about 20 minutes energy work in the company of others who are there for the same reason. This is some of the best stress management you can find, not to mention the healing qualities of the work you will receive from the magnificent practitioners who are all certified in their area of expertise.

Thursday      6 pm – 7:00 pm       Meditation          Jane Abraham    $10

Jane has been meditating for 40 years. She will offer her experience strength and hope toward learning to be still and listen to discover the unsuspected inner resource…

Thursday       7 pm – 9:30 pm       Kundalini Yoga      Kirantana is on Hiatus       $10 

When he returns I shall send out an email to let you know. 

Wednesday and Sunday evenings   Student Massages     Concorde Career College      

Dianna is our female student for Wednesday and Sunday evenings.  Call Jane for an appointment 828-1332. There is a $15 fee expected at the time of service. We won’t have another student until January.

The HART Center Non-Residential Treatment Services 

As a recipient of Access to Recovery II funds The HART Center is able to offer totally free substance abuse treatment and recovery support services to those who are eligible. Also, if you have a lot of recovery and are "hitting the wall" this grant provides you an opportunity to explore your recovery process. Intensive Outpatient Treatment offers a minimum of 9 hours of a traditional treatment milieu. As you know The HART Center includes many other techniques to explore your recovery. So come along and check out what services are exactly right for you. This grant is provided by the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, Division of Alcohol and Drug Services. We offer outpatient services for all types of substance abuse, including food disorders, nicotine dependence, and caffeine abuse. Call Jane 901-828-1332 for details.

By Appointment Only       Private Counseling Sessions       Keith or Jane

Keith and I offer private counseling sessions as well. We each have over 20 years experience working with others to help them find their way through confusion to clarity. Keith’s number is 901-493-1103 and Jane’s is 901-828-1332. Give us a call if you want to do some individual work.

By Appointment Only       Acupuncture Detoxification        Jane           $10 fee        

We offer  this to those who want to detoxify their bodies from various substances as well as to de-stress. You must call Jane 901-828-1332 to set an appointment in order participate.

By Appointment Only       Energy Work        Juli Dennis

Juli is beginning private sessions at The HART Center. She offers a variety of energy work including, Reiki, Gabriel Magnetics, Cranial Sacral Adjustments and many others techniques in which she has been certified to practice. You can call her to discuss details and set an appointment 901-949-9286.

Grace House Regional Training Events  

August 15       Crisis Intervention          Barry Cooper, MS              $30

Berry will provide methods for appropriately helping clients to cope with emergency situation while maintaining their focus on recovery and treatment.

August 16       Pharmacology                Karen Dennis, LPN, NCAC I     $30 

Karen will explore the latest in medication interventions for clients.  

Make check payable to Grace House and send it to Regional Training Event, Att: Jane Abraham, 329 N. Bellevue, Memphis, TN 38105. You can register online at  

You Are Loved



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