Newsletter – January 2009


                                              Happy New Year


                              The Child Within/The Adult Without                              

                                     January 2        6 pm – 10 pm

                                     January 3      10 am –   5 pm

                                     January 4      10 am –   2 pm 

                    Rev. Dr. Jane Abraham, LCSW, LADAC, ADS

                        Keith Henderson, LCSW, LADAC, ADS

     We are facilitating a
wonderful three-day intensive to usher in 2009. This event
will offer participants an opportunity to explore The Child Within/ The Adult
. If you have ever wondered about how you fall into behaviors without
even realizing what you are doing or where the behaviors originated then this
experiential process is for you. We will guide you through so you
will be able to tap into your younger selves and understand where they began,
make decisions about your automatic response system and take action to shift
that behavior into healing mode. You will be able to identify imprints that you
may choose to release. This event is a powerful way to uncover, discover and
recover your authentic self beyond the imprints of a lifetime. Come along and
open yourself to continue your unfolding to the
Unified Field.




                                            Full Moon Meditation


                            Sunday           January 11            7:00PM                                                                   Rev. Dr. Jane Abraham      




Jane will lead this final full moon meditation to express abundance, gratitude and love through Triadic energy from our hearts to the moon and to the earth. We will establish a direct connection within this triangle of love bringing in the energy with a singing crystal bowl. Your energy has been appreciated even if you have been unable to physically attend. Remember, each full moon at 7 pm for 30 minutes, find a quiet place and reconnect with the Triadic energy we have established. Namaste




                              Subconscious Attraction Technique

                          Saturday and Sunday     January 24 & 25    

                                    Dr. Justin Tossing         $400

For those who attended the SAT November 1 introductory lecture you will have a free session with Dr. Tossing. For those who did not attend the lecture you really missed something. This process is incredible. It will help you release the subconscious blocks that keep you from achieving your dreams and manifesting your visions. It is profound. Keith and I have already been trained in the process so we can offer sessions if you are not interested in the actual training.


                                            HART WORK

                          Saturday       February 7     9 AM – 3 PM

                                     Jane and Keith        $75

Hart Work involves breath, music, and art to carry you to new insights. It includes lying on a sleeping bag for about two hours breathing very deeply while listening to music that will open and attune your chakras. Afterward you will go to the art table and capture the experience with the art supplies. Then we will have a bite to eat and process the experience in sacred circle. Remember to bring your sacred scarf to cover your eyes and a sleeping bag for comfort from home to lie upon.










I pull back the veil

     from my eye(s) I see my path

Not your’s but mine




My choice to move forward

   Into the present

  my present


Jane Abraham 12/20/08 


This poem came from HART DANCE. The mandala that came with it was my hands pulling back the veil from my eyes to reveal an open third eye in the shape of the Eye of Horus.




Love Always in All Ways Jane











Community Services from the HART – Suggested Love Offerings










Wednesday   7 pm – 8:30 pm    Open HART Night     Community Volunteers    $10

For energy work, including Reiki, you come in and sign your name, a practitioner will ask you to set an intention and then provide about 20 minutes energy work in the company of others who are there for the same reason. This is some of the best stress management you can find, not to mention the healing qualities of the work you will receive from the magnificent practitioners who are all certified in their area of expertise.




By Appointment Only       Massage        Concorde Career College

  Massage Students               $20 fee

We will have two student massage therapists on Wednesdays beginning January 7 until March 11. If you want a massage call Jane at 901-828-1332 to set your appointments.Here are the available times.

9am-10   10:15-11:15    11:30-12:30pm    12:30pm-2:30    2:45-3:45     4-5pm

Yoga Classes       Express Your Interest by contacting Lazora at 901-620-1854 

Lazora became a yoga instructor through a ten month intensive at The Yoga Center Of Jackson, in Jackson TN. She studied under owner Deborah Perry and director, Kevin wheat. Lazora studied the Iyengar method with focus on good body alignment. And of course good body alignment allows for excellent body mechanics while doing massage, or standing in line at the grocery store. As a mother of nine, Yoga has been instrumental in helping me keep mind and body together ,and continues to be as I grow.







You Are Loved






















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