Newsletter – May 2009

                                                                                                                                                                                HART WORK

                                                May 2    9 am – 3 pm 

                                                Keith and Jane  $75 

Hart Work can carry you to a deep reflective inner space for exploration of your psyche. This experience involves lying on a sleeping bag or mat, closing your eyes, breathing deeply and listening to music for about 90 minutes. The music is your trajectory and breath is the vehicle. After the music is completed you will go to the art table and capture as much as you can with art supplies that will be provided for you. You will tap into your emotional spiritual physical aspects for healing. Bring a sleeping bag or mat from home along with a pillow and may a blanket to be most comfortable.

                                                                    HART DANCE

                                                June 6    9 am – 3 pm 

                                                 Keith and Jane  $75 

Hart Dance is a new experience the keith and Jane co-created. It is a combination of Integrative Breathwork and trance Dance. You will begin lying on your mat for about 30 to 45 minutes breathing deeply listening to meditative music that opens and aligns your upper Chakras. The music will change as you open themwith your breath. When you reach the fourth Chakra you will stand up while the Guardians remove the bedding. At that point the music will carry you into movement. You will dance your experience into your body for about 30 minutes. After the music has opened all of your Chakras and aligned them the music will shift again and you will go to the art tables to capture your experience with art supplies that we will furnish. We will break bread together and then process each participants experience. Remember to bring bedding or a sleeping bag from home for the first part of the experience.

                                         A Matter of Timing                                       

     As we have all experienced there is our timing and the timing of Universe. Most often those are not congruent. As human beings we very often exhibit  impatience with everything around us when we don’t get what we want when we want it… With that said let’s look at things we can do to make sure we stay balanced as Univers unfolds. By the way this is not to advocate for predestination. I think wiht free will we have the right and ability to change anything in our lives whether it’s a healthy or unhealthy change. 

     Sometimes when w are on the rush we forget that there may be other things to consider. So often we leave behind our sense of otherness and step on the toes of our fellows which inturn results in retaliation. Maybe it is becoming time for us to remember to check out everything in our reality before we take that step.

     As we move more into community we may discover the incredible opportunity to actualy manifest the hopes and dreams we have carried with us our entire lifetimes. 


                                       DAVID AUSTIN SKY

                  Hearing the Unheard Story: Tools for Awareness Print

                                    Monday, June 08 2009

                                                                                                                    9:00am – 3:00pm

                  $65 for 6 contact hours with lunch included.

                                   You can register online.

    For the last twenty four years, David Austin Sky has enjoyed life as a full time speaker, trainer, and storyteller. He tells stories to share life’s wisdom. His daughter says that he puts wings on simple words. Audiences say he is a child in a bald man suit.
    David has a Masters Degree from the Methodist Theological School. He is the author of See the Forest, Hear the Trees: The Art of Storylistening and Sky Stories: A Storybook for Grownups. David has been a counselor, a bar band musician, and a janitor at Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. Maybe he cannot hold a steady job.
    Dave spent many years playing music in bars to rowdy crowds full of delightful characters. This experience gave him a perspective to write about drinking, relationships, and confusion. The people he tells stories about are based on folks he has met, or thinks he has met in the dim lit halls of taverns and churches. Regardless of the place, the people have their stories.
Participants will be able to:

Apply a new method of hearing the client unheard stories 

Identify the stories that influence the client behavior  

Create questions that lead to awareness and to insight into their issues 

Present new stories of hope and change that tap into the clients core beliefs 

     Everyone tells stories that they cannot hear. We talk about changes, loss, addictions, and our unresolved issues. We will continue to tell the story or act it out, until we have awareness and a new story.  This workshop will give helpers the tools that lead to new stories for change, healing and growth. This program is for helping clients of all ages, economic and educational levels. We all tell and listen to stories. 

This will change how you listen.  This will change how you help. 

                                 Ipsalu Tantra Yoga Retreat

                                       June 12 – 14, 2009

                            $250 per person   $225 per couple 


     Antoinette and Richard Asimus will help you break through your limitations to uncover your authentic self. Open and surrender to infinite Love as you discover life to be spiritual and orgasmic simultaneously. Free and channel your sexual energy to higher levels of awareness as you learn the Cobra Breath technique to safely activate unlimited energy. Contact Patrick Harris 901-483-3255.

Community Services from the HART – Love Offerings and Fees

Wednesday   7 pm – 8:30 pm    Open HART Night     Community Volunteers    $5 love offering

For energy work, including Reiki, you come in and sign your name, a practitioner will ask you to set an intention and then provide about 20 minutes energy work in the company of others who are there for the same reason. This is some of the best stress management you can find, not to mention the healing qualities of the work you will receive from the magnificent practitioners who are all certified in their area of expertise.

Wednesday   7 pm – 8:30 pm    Meditation Classes    Dean Graves & Carol Crane $5 love offering

Dean and Carol have been studying meditation together for years. They offer these classes at The Sanctuary. Please join them for this wonderful experience to learn about meditation. Contact Carol Crane 901-650-0506.

Thursday    6:30 – 8:00 pm     Yoga Class      Lazora Jones      $5 love offering       

Lazora became a yoga instructor through a ten month intensive at The Yoga Center Of Jackson, in Jackson TN. She studied under owner Deborah Perry and director, Kevin wheat. Lazora studied the Iyengar method with focus on good body alignment. And of course good body alignment allows for excellent body mechanics while doing massage, or standing in line at the grocery store. As a mother of nine, Yoga has been instrumental in helping me keep mind and body together, and continues to be as I grow.  Call Lazora at 901-620-1854. 

 Sunday   2 – 4 pm  The Law of One Discussion   Dean Grave & Carol Crane   $5 love offering

The Law of One discussion group reads from "The Law of One" book series and talks about the material presented. For more information on The Law of One go to The group is faciliated by Dean Graves and Carol Crane.  All are welcome. Contact Carol Crane 901-650-0506.

By Appointment Only       Massage        Concorde Career College    $20 fee

We have three new Massage Students all day Wednesday, Saturday afternoon and Sunday evenings until May 27. Call Jane at 901-828-1332 to take care of yourself and set regular times for your massages. Here are the new available times.

All Day Wednesdays 10:15, 11:30, 1:30, 2:45, 4:00 (one male and one female student)

All Day Saturdays 10:15, 11:30, 1:00, 2:15, 3:30 (one male student)

Sunday Evenings 5:15, 6:30, 7:45 (two males and one female student)

By Appointment Only       Massage        Stephen Pair        $65 fee

Stephen is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Physical Fitness Specialist. He is providing therapeutic massage on Wednesday afternoons until we get a new student. Stephen is not only my personal massage therapist he is also my personal trainer. He really gets tension, stress and sore muscles and knows how to move it out of the mind and body. He is managing his own schedule so give him a call at 901-277-1705 to set your appointments. He is an incredible healer in many, many ways.

By Appointment Only       Massage        Lazora Jones       $65 fee

Lazora Jones is a licensed and certified massage therapist and yoga instructor in Memphis. She attended and graduated from the Massage Institute Of Memphis under Karen Craig She is certified in Pain Relief Therapy. Lazora’s hands possess an educated yet intuitive touch that allows her to be disciplined yet tailor each massage to meet the individual need. In essence she honors the sacredness of each one. And each massage becomes an invitation to unique experiential journey that allows the individual to let go, and let go and let go and just be~~~~   Call her at 901-620-1854 to set your appointment. 


Grace House Regional Training Events  

May 22   Meditation  $35

Rev. Dr. Jane Abraham, LCSW, LADAC, ADS

Dean Graves and Carol Crane

Meditation 101 will provide you with new techniques to help make life easier. You will also get to explore deeper forms of meditation that include guided meditation, walking meditation, eye-open meditation and mantra meditation. 

Make check payable to Grace House and send it to Regional Training Event, Att: Jane Abraham, 329 N. Bellevue, Memphis, TN 38105. You can register online at  

You Are Loved,








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