Newsletter – August 2009

Bring your personal water bottle to The HART Center.

We have a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter at the kitchen sink and no longer provide bottled water.

Shawn Gallaway In Concert



The HART Center

1384 Madison Avenue

August 15 from 6 – 9 pm


Three concerts


Since this is a fund raiser for,

$20 will get you in for some wonderful music and fellowship. You may attend all of the concerts or one of the concerts and if you can’t come pass it on to sponsor another healer. 

Register online by going to the calendar on this website to the green listing for Shawn Gallaway click on it and it will take you to a place that has a heart and you can click on the heart to register online. Thanks everyone. This is already a large sucess and we feel incredibly delighted to be part of this experience iwthin our community.

To pay by check make it out to Memphis Healers and mail it to The HART Center 1384 Madison Avenue Memphis TN 38104.


Divergent Paths Group 

August 10

7 – 9 pm

      Jane is starting a new group at The HART Center on the second and fourth Monday of each month fro 7 – 9 PM.  We will be looking at the concerns that many are facing as they put their foot to one path while their partners are seemingly placing their foot to another. When there are divergent paths there is confusion with the changes. We will explore feelings that rise with the shift as well as offer opportunity to understand how divergent paths may be transformed into growth individually and collectively for everyone involved. $30 per group for those not in a process at The HART Center and $20 per group for those who are in a process at The HART Center. There will be one free session that will allow you to decide if you want to commit for 6 sessions or 3 months to this group process.

Open HART Night

 August 7

 7 – 9 pm

 share a $5 love offering for the practitioners 

     Tonia Moss is heading up the Reiki Circle on Friday nights at The HART Center. Open HART Night practitioners Evelyn, Julia, Kathy, Patrick, Kristi, and Jin are pledged to be there as often as they can which probably means every time the door opens. They do so love to share their healing energies with others. The return of this circle on Friday night means that you will be able to receive or give healing energy every night of the week. Monday in Bartlett at the Irvin Hypnosis Center, Tuesday in Midtown at The Sanctuary, Wednesday in Cordova at Unity Church, Thursday on Mendenhall at the Pu Lin Temple and Friday at The HART Center.

Memphis Healers

     Our healing community now has a URL called The web site is hosting a directory to help folks gain access to Memphis Healing Arts Practitioners. Healing Arts Practitioners may submit their information to the committee for screening and acceptance. There will be a small charge of $10 for the initial listing in a category and $5 for each additional categories up to five until January 2010 at which time there will be a cost of $30 for the initial listing and $10 per additional listings for up to five listings. The site will increase visibility to those who are seeking alternative practitioners in our area. Since it is in Cyberspace it may get you a call from who knows where…

     Practitioners may also want to purchase an ad in the Memphis Light Circle publication that will be inserted in The Memphis Flyer on a quarterly basis. Memphis Light Circle is developing a quarterly 6 page spread that will offer hard-copy opportunities to educate the general public about alternative care and metaphysical topics. Contact Carol Crane at 901-650-0506 to get your ad space.

     Remember that Memphis Light Circle also hosts a chat group as well as an event calendar for the community. Just think, if we all utilize one event calendar then we can all participate in everything. How fun is that?   



September 15    9 am – 3 pm     $40

Nationally approved by NAADAC

6 continuing education contact hours

 Rev. Dr. Jane Abraham, LCSW, LADAC, ADS

Please register online at this secure site. 


Community Services from the HART


Wednesday    Massage Student from Concorde Career College

fee $20 full body full hour

We have a male massage therapy student, Osei Ajanaku, until the end of August. He is very gifted. Please make and appointment and give him a great internship.


Wednesday   7 pm – 8:30 pm    Meditation Classes    Dean Graves & Carol Crane $5 love offering
Dean and Carol have been studying meditation together for years. They offer these classes at The HART Center. Please join them for this wonderful experience to learn about meditation. Contact Carol Crane 901-650-0506.

Thursday    6:30 – 8:00 pm     Yoga Class      Lazora Jones      $5 love offering       

Lazora became a yoga instructor through a ten month intensive at The Yoga Center Of Jackson, in Jackson TN. Under the tutelage of Deborah Perry and Kevin Wheat she studied the Iyengar with focus on good body alignment. And of course good body alignment allows for excellent body mechanics while doing massage or standing in line at the grocery store. As a mother of nine, Yoga was instrumental in helping her keep mind and body together.  Call Lazora at 901-620-1854. 

By Appointment Only       Massage        Stephen Pair        $50 fee

Stephen is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Physical Fitness Specialist. He is providing therapeutic massage on Wednesday afternoons until we get a new student. Stephen is not only my personal massage therapist he is also my personal trainer. He really "gets" tension, stress and sore muscles and knows how to move it out of the mind and body. He is managing his own schedule so give him a call at 901-277-1705 to set your appointments. He is an incredible healer in many ways.

By Appointment Only       Massage        Lazora Jones       $50 fee

Lazora Jones is a licensed and certified massage therapist, too. She attended and graduated from the Massage Institute Of Memphis under Karen Craig She is certified in Pain Relief Therapy. Lazora’s hands possess an educated yet intuitive touch that allows her to be disciplined yet tailor each massage to meet the individual’s need. In essence she honors the sacredness of All. Each massage becomes an invitation to a unique experiential journey that allows the individual to let go, and let go and let go and just be ~~~ Call her at 901-620-1854 to set your appointment. 


Infinite Love and Gratitude





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