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November 7, 2009


 December 5, 2009


Keith and Jane


6 continuing education contact hours

HART DANCE is a deeply profound experience that brings into the mix lying down and breathing deeply while activating the upper Chakras with music. As you reach the Heart Chakra you rise up and begin a moving meditation to concretize the experience into your body. Then you go to the art table to capture as much as you can with paints and crayons that are provided for you. If you are uncomfortable moving our body be sure to come to SPIRIT DANCE in November so you can learn some movements. 

The HART Center – A Continuing Education Provider


     The HART Center is a nationally approved continuing education provider for NAADAC. We are in the middle of re-approval by ASWB. We have been dedicated to the professionals in our region for 15 years as continuing education providers. We offer many different and affordable opportunities for your edification. Just as important, we make our events accessible to the general public.


Here is a listing of the 2010 HART Training Schedule:

Jan 2 HART WORK $75 6 continuing education contact hours 

Jan 15-17 The Child Within/The Adult Without $105 15 contact hours

Feb 6 SPIRIT DANCE $75 6 contact hours

Feb 19-21 Conscious Body/Conscious Mind   36 hours Dr. Darren Weismann 

Feb 27 Dual Diagnosis $40 4 continuing education contact hours 

Mar 6 HART DANCE $75 6 contact hours

Mar 20 Cultural Sensitivity $40 4 contact hours

Apr 3 HART WORK $75 6 continuing education contact hours

Apr 9-11 LifeLine Advanced Level I 36 hours Dr. Darren Weismann

May 1  SPIRIT DANCE $75 6 contact hours

May 21-23 The ESP Model $105 15 continuing education contact hours

Jun 5 HART DANCE $75 6 contact hours

Jun 11-13 LifeLine Advanced Level II 36 hours Dr. Darren Weismann

Jul 3 HART WORK $75 6 contact hours

Jul 17 Complementary Care $40 4 contact hours

Aug 7 SPIRIT DANCE $75 4 continuing education contact hours

Aug 20-21 Grief Release Ritual $105 15 contact hours

Sep 4 HART DANCE $75 6 contact hours

Sep 24-26 Rage Release $105 15 contact hours

Oct 2 HART WORK $75 6 contact hours

Oct 12 Ethics $40 4 continuing education contact hours

Oct 22-24 Mask Making $105 15 contact hours

Nov 6 SPIRIT DANCE $75 6 contact hours

Nov 13 Domestic Violence & Substance Abuse $40 4 contact hours

Dec 4 HART DANCE $75 6 contact hours 


Community Services by the Community

from the HART

Wednesday 7 – 8:30 pm Open HART Night Reiki Circle $5 love offering please

Tonia and the regular community volunteers are offering this night for stress management and relaxation. Remember to share a $5 love offering for the volunteers so they can pay their expenses to come down and work with and for you.  

Second and Fourth    Wednesday   7 – 8:30 pm    Meditation Classes

Dean Graves & Carol Crane

Dean and Carol have been studying meditation together for years. They offer these classes at The HART Center. Please join them for this wonderful experience to learn about meditation. Contact Carol Crane  901-650-0506  901-650-0506.

Thursday    6 – 8:00 pm     Yoga Class      Lazora Jones      $5 love offering please      

Lazora became a yoga instructor through a ten month intensive at The Yoga Center Of Jackson, in Jackson TN. Under the tutelage of Deborah Perry and Kevin Wheat she studied the Iyengar with focus on good body alignment. And of course good body alignment allows for excellent body mechanics while doing massage or standing in line at the grocery store. As a mother of nine, Yoga was instrumental in helping her keep mind and body together.  Call Lazora at  901-620-1854  901-620-1854. 

Memphis Healers is the website to go to if you are looking for complementary caregivers in our community. Take a minute to check out the services offered that you may utilize for optimal health. Caregivers take a minute to register your services for more visibility in our community. Peace 

By Appointment Only       Massage        Stephen Pair        $50 fee

Stephen is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Physical Fitness Specialist. He is providing therapeutic massage on Wednesday afternoons until we get a new student. Stephen is not only my personal massage therapist he is also my personal trainer. He really "gets" tension, stress and sore muscles and knows how to move it out of the mind and body. He is managing his own schedule so give him a call at  901-277-1705  901-277-1705 to set your appointments. He is an incredible healer in many ways.

By Appointment Only       Massage        Lazora Jones       $65 fee

Lazora Jones is a licensed and certified massage therapist, too. She attended and graduated from the Massage Institute Of Memphis under Karen Craig She is certified in Pain Relief Therapy. Lazora’s hands possess an educated yet intuitive touch that allows her to be disciplined yet tailor each massage to meet the individual’s need. In essence she honors the sacredness of All. Each massage becomes an invitation to a unique experiential journey that allows the individual to let go, and let go and let go and just be ~~~ Call her at  901-620-1854  901-620-1854 to set your appointment. 


Infinite Love and Gratitude 




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