March 2010


     I am not one to deny when Spirit calls me to action. When I hear the call it is all I can do to wait until the designated event comes around. In this case I am really chomping at the bit. I was told to start walking from the National Civil Rights Museum to City Hall and back every Sunday from 2 – 4 pm. So, I am beginning this walk March 7th in Memphis, Tennessee. 

     This walk is about love for self and love for humanity. It is about walking for world peace through inner peace. It is about taking a stand right now for the love of our Mother so that all beings see our sincerity.

     I hope you take a walk, too. Wherever you are take some time between the hours of 2 -4 pm to walk for world peace through inner peace and let’s have someone walking for peace during those hours every Sunday until there is someone walking all around our world for world peace through inner peace.

     Let this walk be a quiet walk of meditation and contemplation down Main Street, Everywhere. Let us walk to set an intention for healing our world through healing ourselves by choosing love always in all ways.



March 6        9 am – 3 pm        6 contact hours        $75

Keith and Jane

Take this opportunity to explore HART DANCE and identify your inner driftings, establish intentions and move them into your body through dance. This work includes music, breath, meditation, and art as a means of transformation. Bring a sleeping bag or quilt along with pillows. Dress in loose comfortable clothing and be ready embark on a journey of self-discovery.


March 10      10 am – 2 pm        4 contact hours        $40

Rev. Dr. Jane Abraham, LCSW, LADAC, ADS, CLP 

We will explore the diversity of race, sexual orientation, religion, and gender as well as other aspects of human interactions. We will take a look at ethnocentricity and what it may cost a culture.



March 13        6 pm – 8 pm       $25

Norma De Jesus and Mona Winfrey

Come experience this powerfully transformative combination of deliberate intention, breath, sacred sounds and aligning with the higher vibration frequencies of your True Self. Call Norma at 292-9290 or Mona at 831-5550 for more information.


Tuesday      Student Massages           $20 fee

Concorde Career College provides students to do their "externship" at The HART Center. We have a new student beginning her externship March 18. Her hours will be Thursday and Sunday from 4 – 5 pm. Abigail will continue  volunteering her time through the end of May. Her time will be Tuesday from 1 – 4. Abigail is almost booked and the new student will book very quickly. Call Jane at 901-828-1332 to book an appointment.

Licensed Massage Therapist     $50 fee

Stephen Pair is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Physical Fitness Specialist. He knows how to help you reach your peak physical condition and keep you relaxed while getting there. He is gifted in both of his professions so give him a call at 277-1705 to set an appointment for a massage or to explore a personalized fitness program.

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