May 2010

The HART Center

     First let me say to each and every one of you that you are loved. We hold you  close to our hearts every single minute of every single day. Don’t ever forget that.

     The Walk For World Peace Through Inner Peace continues to go well. We gather every Sunday at 2 pm in front of the National Civil Rights Museum and walk down Main Street to City Hall and send Infinite Love and Gratitude to City, County and Federal buildings. Every Monday morning folks walk into their buildings and get filled with love and gratitude. What better way to start the day – week – life.

     Ayn Rand wrote a book called Atlas Shrugged. it was a monumental turning point in my life at the sweet age of 14. I suggest that anyone interested in making change in self and the world read the book and get an eye full of ways and means to make the change. We are the ones we’ve been waiting on after all. Time is now – Place is here.



May 1        9 am – 3 pm        6 contact hours        $75

Keith Sharma Jane

Take this opportunity to explore SPIRIT DANCE and identify your inner driftings, establish intentions and move them into your body through dance. This work provides you with an opportunity to learn techniques to actually move emotions through and out of your body. Music, breath, meditation, and art are utilized as a means of transformation. Bring your sacred scarf to cover your eyes. Dress in loose comfortable clothing and be ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery.


May 21,22,23, 2010      $105   15 contact hours

Rev. Dr. Jane Abraham, LCSW, LADAC, ADS, CLP 

You will explore the emotional spiritual physical aspects of the human experience and learn to identify where your primary imbalance is so you can take measures to bring balance into your life. You will learn journaling and how to capture emotions with art as well as interpret your art through new eyes.  


Tuesday      Student Massages           $20 fee

Abigail continues  volunteering her time through the end of May. Her time will be Tuesday from 1 – 4. The new student, Candace, has some spots available on Thursday and Sunday evenings. Call Jane at 901-828-1332 to book an appointment.

Licensed Massage Therapist     $50 fee

Stephen Pair is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Physical Fitness Specialist. He knows how to help you reach your peak physical condition and keep you relaxed while getting there. He is gifted in both of his professions so give him a call at 277-1705 to set an appointment for a massage or to explore a personalized fitness program.

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