July 2010

This is a picture of the Gulf of Mexico two years ago at Destin.

Happy Independence Day

Bless the Waters of the Garden.

The Garden is dependent on us!

     What I mean by that is it is time for us to put Earth, Our Mother, first. It is time to take responsibility for everything that happens. We are truly on the brink of being en"gulf"ed by our own disrespect and disregard for the essence of our life force. We must awaken to a new way of symbiotic relationship with our environment and each other. We are in this boat together careening through space and we are out of control! So join me for the peace walk and walk for the water Sunday at 2 pm in front of the National Civil Right Museum. 


                                                                       HART  WORK

July 3      9 am – 3 pm        6 contact hours        $75

Keith Sharma Jane

      Hart Work is referred to as Integrative Breathwork by Jacquelyn Small and Holotropic Breathwork by Stan Groff, the co-creators of this type of experiential process. We call it HART Work because we work with the emotional spiritual physical aspects of an individual toward activating their Inner Healer and tapping in at a cellular level. This is done by utilizing meditation, breath, music and art in a sacred space that allows the individual to go inward as deeply as they choose. It is an amazing experience for those who have not participated before. It is a strong Eleventh Step component in recovery.

                                      Complimentary Care

                    July 17      10 am – 2 pm      4 contact hours      $40
     This event will focus on the LifeLine Technique, acudetox, music, art, massage, and Reiki as modalities for assisting consumers who are looking for emotional spiritual physical balance in their lvies. Register online.



     The Access To Recovery II grant is winding down. We will take no new consumers into ATR II after July 30 so please get the referrals to us before then. We have not heard about ATR III at this point but have hopes that Tennessee will once again be funded. TN has proven to be the model for ATR across the country.

     It appears that ADAT and BOPP will begin their new fiscal year July 1 in a beautiful seamless transition. As far as we know, we will be able to begin admission to our program through these grants immediately.

     For those of you who don’t know… The HART Center is considered a faith-based organization for consumers with substance abuse issues. If a consumer is determine appropriate and eligible, their treatment is covered by these grants. It is most amazing. We are considered a complimentary care facility because we offer such modalities as acupuncture detoxification, massage, LifeLine Technique, Reiki, Chi Gung, Yoga, Chiorpractic, Tai Chi, Hart Work, Spirit Dance, and Hart Work not to mention three-day intensives like The ESP Model, Child Within / Adult Without,  and the upcoming, Grief Release, Rage Release and Mask Making. These fabulous modalities are also available to the general community for personal growth and inner exploration.

     I offer Weight No More for folks wtih food disorders and a Healing Circle to assist with illnesses such as Hepatitis C and drug free management for chronic pain. Generally speaking we offer a lot of experiential work for anyone who chooses to explore their emotional spiritual physical aspects as spiritual beamings (thanks Shawn Gallaway – I don’t know who gave that to him but isn’t it beautiful?) learning the human experience. Come share with us!



Sunday        Walk for World Peace Through Inner Peace

Every Sunday at 2 pm I start walking from the National Civil Rights Museum to City Hall and say a prayer for world peace through inner peace while filling all of the city county state and federal offices with infinite love and gratitude. The first thing employees encounter when they walk into the buildings Monday morning is LOVE and GRATITUDE. Then we walk back to the museum and close the circle with infinite love and gratitude to continue sealing the chasm that was created by Dr. King’s assassination.

Sunday 4 – 6 pm    Kundalini Yoga      Gabriella      $20 fee

Gabriella is so excited to bring Kundalini Yoga back to The HART Center. She will offer this to the general public. Please join her classes and support her endeavors.

Tuesday      Student Massages           $20 fee

Abigail continues volunteering her time until she becomes licensed. She will be present on Tuesday from 1 – 4. Call Jane at 901-828-1332 to book your appointment.

Licensed Massage Therapist     $50 fee

Stephen Pair is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Physical Fitness Specialist. He knows how to help you reach your peak physical condition and keep you relaxed while getting there. He is gifted in both of his professions so give him a call at 277-1705 to set an appointment for a massage or to explore a personalized fitness program.

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