May 2011

We Are All On The Space Ship Earth


 I think about the changes happening on Spaceship Earth traveling through the Universe at a rate of speed that seems to be accelerating every day. I was talking with an Octogenarian a few days ago and he shared with me that when he reached the age of 60 he thought the world would fly off it’s axis it was moving so fast. He told me that when he turned 70 things started slowing down a bit. He said that at now he is in his 80s it feels more like when he was a youngster waiting on Christmas that seems to take forever to arrive. For some reason hearing that gave me great comfort so I am passing it on to y’all. We can take a breath and relax.

     At The HART Center there is a Chasing Wolf painting in the kitchen called Seven Grandmothers. It represents the Native American concept that whatever we do today we want to consider the Seventh Generation out from our lifetime to honor the children with a healthy legacy. That’s kind’a what I see as something for all of us to learn. Because if we don’t begin to live thinking of the future and stop pumping all the oil from Earth there won’t be any lubrication left to ease the plate tectonic shifts of the planet. The shifts will be really rough with no lubrication.

     I just wanted to share some thoughts with you folks out there this month of May. Hoppy Easter belatedly and Happy Memorial Day. 


Love Always in All Ways




May 7, 2011

10 am – 4 pm

6 contact hours


      Spirit Dance is another unique experience to The HART Center. This experiential event is focused on moving the body into catharsis. You will have an opportunity to learn specific motions that allow the body to identify as well as release feelings that have been hidden in the body at a cellular level. In this safe setting you will be allowed to not only move your body into release but vocalize your emotions as well. Dress in loose comfortable clothing and bring your sacred scarf to cover your eyes for the final experience of moving unobserved by your fellow participants. The HART Center staff will be there as Guardians to keep you from running into each other. It is quite and experience in the process of moving into the superconscious state of awareness.




     TAADAS has returned affordable continuing education to our region. Anita Menon is the state coordinator who will put together trainings. She will be offering regional training to professionals in Memphis at The HART Center. Check the calendar for new training events. They are kelly green so you can see them easily. You will register on It is an easy procedure.


April 26 12-4 pm 4 hours $35 ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) Karen Dennis, LPN 


May 3   12-4 pm  4 hours $35  ASI (Addiction Severity Index) Karen Dennis, LPN,LADAC   

May 25 9 am-1 pm 4 hours $35 Experiential Treatment Selena Smith, LAPSW


June 3 9 am-1 pm 4 hours $35 Mental Health 101 Selena Smith, LAPSW

June10 9 am-1 pm 4 hours $35 Trauma Exposed Children: Gender Specific Treatment for          Women and Children Selena Smith, LAPSW

June 23  8 am -12 pm 4 hours $35 GIS Mapping of Youth Related Police Calls Herb Gould

June 24 9 am-1 pm  4 hours $35 Sex and Sobriety Selena Smith, LAPSW  


 Go to the calendar on those dates and read the details about these events. I shall have all of the events listed on the calendar as they are approved by the state. Please support this endeavor to bring more affordable continuing education to our area. You will pay through Eventbrite. Four contact hours for $35.  




     The HART Center is proud to announce that we have received a Ryan White grant to provide mental health, non-medical case management, and psychosocial services to People living with HIV/AIDS. We are really pleased to be able to offer our unique array of services.  


     The HART Center is proud to announce that we have received the Shelby County Drug Court grant too work with legal offenders to help them get their lives on track. We are grateful to continue offering our services to this population.  




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