June 2011

                                                        Who Are We Now

     It looks like we all made it through the rapture or we all didn’t make it through the rapture. Maybe one day we will know which… Hard to say when I look around and notice all the strange goings-on by the people on this planet.

     One of the strangest things that recently occurred is the out loud boasting of the assassination of another people’s leader. I am not sure exactly how my beloved country got to the place where overt assassination is an acceptable way of life. I still remember the pain and suffering when we lost Jack and Bobby Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The pain that is involved amongst the people when a leader is murdered is very difficult to overcome. In our beloved Memphis we are still suffering the pains of loosing Dr. King. Where is the justification for outright murder? I have not been able to find it in my soon to be 62 years.

      Look around at just how Mother Earth is shaking off the unwanted clutter like a dog shacking off fleas. We had best awaken quickly if we want to survive as a species. I wonder where is the arc? Who is the last person standing on this planet that will survive without turning into a pillar of salt? Who among us is able to say "I have lived a life that deserves to continue?" Hmmmmmm

     On Summer Solstice, June 21, take a minute to honor the Earth and make a commitment to show more respect for the Mother of us all.


Love Always in All Ways Jane 



June 4, 2011

10 am – 4 pm

6 contact hours


      HART DANCE is a combination of meditation, music, movement, and art. This experiential process work begins in the crown Chakra as you are lying down breathing very deeply to transform your body into a conduit for spiritual energy connection. It moves down the Chakra system with a variety of music that aligns and tunes the energy system of the body. As you arrive in the heart center your emotions begin to swell. Then the music shifts and you tap into the more visceral emotions as you stand up and begin to move your body to the music. In this safe setting you will be allowed to move your body and vocalize your emotions. You have a blindfold on the whole time which keeps you more internally focused. The HART Center staff will be there as Guardians to keep you from running into each other. Dress in loose comfortable clothing. This is a great way to step into the superconscious state of awareness.




     TAADAS has returned affordable continuing education to our region. Anita Menon is the state coordinator who will put together trainings. She will be offering regional training to professionals in Memphis at The HART Center. Check the calendar for new training events. They are kelly green so you can see them easily. You will register on Eventbrite.com. It is an easy procedure.


June 3 9 am-1 pm 4 hours $35 Mental Health 101 Selena Smith, LAPSW

June10 9 am-1 pm 4 hours $35 Trauma Exposed Children: Gender Specific Treatment for         Women and Children Selena Smith, LAPSW

June 23  8 am -12 pm 4 hours $35 Substance Abuse Ethics Karen Dennis, LPN, LADAC

June 24 9 am-1 pm  4 hours $35 Sex and Sobriety Selena Smith, LAPSW  


 Go to the calendar on those dates and read the details about these events. I shall have all of the events listed on the calendar as they are approved by the state. Please support this endeavor to bring more affordable continuing education to our area. You will pay through Eventbrite. Four contact hours for $35.  




    We are please to announce that The HART Center is designated as a recipient of the   

Shelby County Drug Court

grant. We are very excited to continue our work with that population.

    The HART Center is happy to announce that we have received a Head Start grant that will allow us to work with Pre-school children and their families. Evelyn completed certification in Practical Parent for working with these children and their families. 


     The HART Center is proud to announce that we have received a Ryan White grant to provide mental health, non-medical case management, and psychosocial services to People Living with HIV/AIDS. We are really pleased to be able to offer our unique array of services.

     The HART Center is back on track with DUI School. Jane was trained in Prime for Life and offers these classes to those needing the service. Soon Keith and Evelyn will be trained in this great process that really helps people step out of denial into the reality of what they are doing to themselves through their choices.

    Evelyn is on her way to Chicago to train in LifeLine. Keith and Jane are both Certified LifeLine practitioners and use it when working with clients on a regular basis. If you haven’t explored this technique please call and make an appointment that will help you become aware of just how to manifest intentions and change your life.

     Judi Harrick and Jane are doing their best to set up and Acupuncture Detoxification training for Memphis. They have one set up for Knoxville already. Dates and other information will be forthcoming.








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