August 2011

                                                        Love Is All We Need

 Occasionally something out of left field comes along and whams me upside my head. I am amazed at how oblivious I can be to another person’s perception of me or how another may interpret what I say. In my entire life thus far, all 62 years, I have never intentionally injured or done harm to another being emotionally spiritually or physically. 

     My spiritual practice requires that I be as honest as I possibly can at all times regardless of the situation. As a result, I have learned that when I speak my truth I stay centered and can weather any storm that may brew. To the brewers of storms that bring unexpected turbulence into my reality I say this. Peace be with you that you may find your truth in an easier way than I found mine. My life has been wrought with many trials and tribulations. I have been able to go clear and remain clear through them all. As a result I am able to attain and maintain balance on an emotional spiritual physical basis most of the time. 

     My whole life is about providing others with a place and techniques to assist them in finding their way to emotional spiritual physical balance. I do my best to provide a safe environment where people can come and participate. So to those who may have issues with me for whatever reason(s) my deepest apologies that I have done anything to disturb your world. We are all together on this boat called Earth. Isn’t it time we stop all the divisiveness and come together? Do we really have to continue the way we have always gone and get what we have always got? I certainly hope that we can shift our behavior enough to move forward as One United in Peace.


Love Always in All Ways Jane 



August 6, 2011

10 am – 4 pm

6 contact hours


      SPIRIT DANCE continues to evolve. This process work is a wonderful way to learn to move your body without inhibition. You will learn techniques and how to actually capture your Chi to use it as a healing tool. You will have an opportunity to actually move to release pent up energy that may be exhibiting as muscle tension or physical illness. This is another method that we use in The HART Way to assist people moving into the super conscious state of awareness.


August 26 6 PM – 10 PM

 August 27 10AM – 5 PM

August 28 10 AM – 2 PM

15 contact hours


      This evocative three day experience will allow you to tap into any unresolved grief that may be lingering in your life. Unresolved grief can result in a lot of physical stress. In the three-day event you will create a grief bundle and place it through the portal so the trapped energy can move to another level on both side of the veil.


September 3

10 am – 4 pm

6 contact hours


  This combination of Spirit Dance and Hart Work will allow you to tap into the psyche from the Crown Chakra down to the Root Chakra. You will enter the physical from the Crown Chakra and move down to the Heart Chakra where you will rise up and begin moving your body to capture the ethereal experience. The movement ends at the Root Chakra and you go to the art tables to capture the memories of the experience. Then we have a bit to eat and afterward we process the art work in sacred circle.


     Jane is now certified in Prime For Life and through The HART Center DUI license she can teach the class for those who have had a first offense DUI. The cost is $150. She will set the days to accommodate those who need this services. The schedule will be four three hour classes. Keith Evelyn and Ernie are getting trained in Prime for Life this month so if you need this service call 901-726-4213.








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