October 2011

                                                       Happy All Hallow’s Eve 

 October has always been a special month for me. It was my mother’s birth month and the birth month of my dearest friend who continues to walk the planet. It is so amazing how time moves forward and the love that I feel continues to grow. When we share our lives with others time seems to not be a factor in how easily we can relate with them. I reckon it is the love bridge that keeps us connected no matter the time space.

  I hope that everyone has been enjoying the great fall weather that came our way in September. Remember to share your ectoplasm with our ozone layer as you walk through the day. We have an endless supply of life force, ectoplasm, that we can share. Often we have more than we know what to do with so share it with Mother Earth and let’s observe her heal as we work together to close the breeches. A friend checked out the stats on the ozone and found that the breech has stopped expanding. Let’s keep up the good work and watch it close and heal. 

  Part of the healing process will be ridding the atmosphere of all the junk that lingers. I recently saw a picture of all the "stuff" that we have sent into the atmosphere around Earth. It was appalling. No wonder we have problems down here. It is really thick. I am amazed that the shuttle could get out without running into something…. As we heal the ozone we can expect more of the litter to come crashing down to Earth. Keep your eyes focused and stay safe. The sky is falling!!!!!!!!!!!  


Love Always in All Ways Jane 


  Mask Making

October 28    6 PM – 10 PM

October 29    10 AM – 5 PM

October 30    10 AM – 2 PM

15 contact hours


     This three-day intensive will teach you to build your own plaster face mask. Then you will get a chance to decorate it to represent your journey. This intensive is so much fun. It can really help you find your way to some of the inner depth of your life and externalize it for observation and healing. Mask Making involves a hart work on Saturday morning so remember to bring your sleeping bag to be comfortable lying on the floor for a couple of hours breathing deeply into your journey. 



October 13, 14, 15, 16

8 am – 5 pm EVERY DAY


$400 ($100 off first 15 participants to register with Judi.)

     Please join Judi Harrick as she presents this training to substance abuse professionals. Acudetox is one of the most profound interventions that we have to offer at The HART Center. It assists with detox from all chemicals as well as helping with anxiety and sleeplessness. We see remarkable results with consumers who participate in this modality. Please help us begin to let everyone know just how important it is for people in recovery. You may register on line with Pay Pal on this secure website by going to the calendar and clicking on one of the dates. That will take you to Pay Pal to pay with a credit card and get registered. At the end of the fourth day participants will be required to present their resumes along with a $65 check made out to NADA to become members of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. This is required in order to become a Certified Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist in Tennessee.








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