November 2011



     Healing Hearts Foundation is a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization, that has been trapped in the second birth matrix for about 15 years. It finally popped out last month with a grand pat on the back from the IRS. So there is now a private foundation that allows people to donate with a charitable tax break.     

      We bought the buildings next door to us and are so excited about the prospects. We are not sure what the Universe has in store but we are having fun bringing it into being. The back building is a sound proof recording studio currently in use by Contempo Music.

     The front building is being renovated. We have several thoughts about how it may evolve. The first thought is, Innerquest, a place where people can stay within the sacred container for weekend experiential events, like Mask Making or Child Within/Adult Without. We would cook and fellowship and explore together over the weekend. An art table would stay up all the time so everyone would have access to ways to express their deeper meaning and purpose. It would be a Spiritual Retreat Center right in midtown Memphis. Saaaaweet.

    We are also talking with a psychologist who wants to be part of The HART Center to work with the Latino population. That would be incredibly wonderful. Maybe we could do both: the clinic during the week and Innerquest on the weekends.

     I really want to provide transitional housing for women who are ready to explore their mental health diagnosis in recovery. I want to have them live there as they titrate off all medication(s) under careful observation through charting and process work to determine their diagnosis clear of substance abuse and all other chemicals.

      Please place this in your prayers so we can co-create another wonderful experience for midtown Memphis.


Love Always in All Ways Jane 


Mask Making

November 18    6 – 10 PM

November 19     10 AM – 5 PM 

November 20     10 AM – 2 PM

15 contact hours     $108

 We cancelled Mask Making in October and decided to offer it November instead. Please join us for this incredibly deep and personal exploration of the "vertical path" through making a plaster mask of your won face and decorating it to represent your journey. It is as much fun as it is deep exploratory work. Dress in loose comfortable clothes, brings a sleeping bag and/or blankets and a pillow for the HART WORK Saturday morning. Start noticing any items that may call to you as decorations for your mask and bring them with you. We will provide a lot of materials to choose from, too. 


Spirit Dance

November 5

10 am – 4 pm      6 contact hours       $88

     Spirit Dance was co-created by Keith and me as a way of helping people reach a place where they are able to move their bodies to release energy that is trapped at a cellular level. We have found that trapped energy is the way the body becomes ill. Movement is the easiest way to shift that energy so healing can begin. After learning some ways and means to move the body to shift that trapped energy participants put on blindfolds and really get to move while knowing that no one is watching them except those of us who are trained to keep them safe. However, lately we are discovering that after a while of doing this work people can move easily without having on their blindfolds. We’ll see how the energy unfolds. This Spirit Dance will be focused on the heart Chakra.









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