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 Changes happen in spite of us sometimes. It is not always easy to accept or to move through but change happens anyway. Descarte stated that "change is the only constant thing." After 62.5 years I have discovered that to be a truth. I remember it was really profound the first time I read that. I was 18 years old reading a philosophy book. I still have that book. Ah, the things we hold on to in a lifetime.

 Healing Hearts Foundation is up and running. We are now a licensed non-residential substance abuse treatment facility and mental health agency as well as a DUI School. We have become Shelby County Vendors, too. We did that in order to receive funding from a major funding stream. It takes what it takes. Now we have every entrance open for funding. That is pretty exciting.

 We have just written a major grant. It is so exciting to be in the flow when something like that comes together in a good way. We are finishing two grants today and will hand-deliver them to Nashville Monday. We have one more to write by the middle of February and then we are done with grant writing for a minute. It is really gratifying to write about this organization. It is so fresh. The endeavors are going to be major for us. How exciting.

 Keep us in your prayers and hearts. We can use all the energy you can pour towards the funding of the grants to help us continue to grow and provide services to folks who otherwise might not be able to enter a treatment program. 


      Love Always in All Ways Jane 


The Child Within/The Adult Without

 February 3, 4, & 5, 2012    $108

    February 3  6 PM – 10 PM February 4 10 AM – 5 PM February 5 10 AM – 2 PM

 This three-day intensive is a remarkable journey through your life to help you remember the times you were imprinted enough to change yourself to accommodate your self-conceived safety. For instance, if you were told no all the time as a young-one then you eventually learned not to do a thing. It changed who you were in that moment. As we grow older we realize that we are living out someone else’s idea of how we are supposed to be. It doesn’t always settle easy with us and so we find ourselves in a bit of a quandry as we go forward with consciousness knowing that we are doing something that doesn’t fit with our soul purpose. We can get into quite a conflict when we discover that we are not aligned with our authentic self. Thus we spend time living a dishonest life. At that point we have to back out of the learned behavior in order to recognize that it is an automatic response system. This workshop will give you an opportunity not only to identify your imprints but also teach you ways to release those imprints so you are free to recreate yourself. It is fairly amazing. I hope you join us for the weekend. It’s gonna’ be a good one!   


Experiential Events from the HART for 2012 


January 7     HART Work     10 AM – 4 PM     $88 


January 3, 4, & 5     The Child Within/The Adult Without     $108    

 3rd  6-10 PM     4th  10 AM-5PM     5th  10AM-2PM 


March 3     Spirit Dance     10 AM – 4 PM     $88


April 6, 7, & 8     Rage Release     $108

6th  6-10 PM     7th  10 AM-5PM     8th  10AM-2PM  


May 5     HART Dance      10 AM – 4 PM     $88


June 1, 2, & 3     Grief Release Ritual     $108

1st  6-10 PM     2nd  10 AM-5PM     3rd  10AM-2PM


July 7     HART Work     10 AM – 4 PM     $88


August 3, 4, & 5     Emotional Spiritual Physical Balancing     $108

3rd  6-10 PM     4th  10 AM-5PM     5th  10AM-2PM 


September 1     Spirit Dance     10 AM – 4 PM     $88


October 5, 6, & 7     Discovering Your Mask     $108

5th  6-10 PM     6th  10 AM-5PM     7th  10AM-2PM 


We look forward to providing these services for you in 2012.

Many Blessings with Infinite Love and Gratitude
















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