April 2012

Gratitude for Our Student Interns

     We have several student interns from the University of Memphis. One student is in Health Promotion and written an article regarding healthy foods and how to eat in a good way. I know you will enjoy the read. 

Nutrition for The Recovering

by Kattie Kersting

     For most of us, nutrition has long been neglected because we put our addictions of drugs and alcohol first. This has caused a nutrition deficiency on our body tissue, the brain, and our neurotransmitters that carry chemical messages between the nerve cells and our muscles.

     Poor diet and nutrition has a direct relation to mood and energy. That is why it is important to add more nutrition and exercise to your recovery program. Having the proper amount of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals is key for the brain to function properly. Many drugs such as alcohol, caffeine, heroine, and pain killers can severley damage or inhibit the digestive process. This is another cause for the brain to not function properly because of malnutrition.

     The withdrawal symptoms during the early steps of detoxification are fewer in a well-nourished individual. This conversely aids in a greater chance of long-term recovery.

     The recovery diet consists of 25% protein, 30 % fat and a total of 2,000 calories to include all five food groups: fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy, whole grains, and lean protein. Suggestions to Help your recovery:

  • 3 snacks and 3 small meals daily
  • decrease caffeine by drinking decaf coffee, caffeine free soda and herbal teas
  • eat fresh fruits and vegetables
  • eat whole grain instead of refined grains
  • limit red meat because it is harder to digest
  • be aware of amount of sugar consumption




Anger from Within to Without

April 6    6 pm – 10 pm    April 7   10 am – 5 pm    April 7    10 am – 2 pm    $108     15 contact hours

     This three-day intensive will give you an opportunity to tap into the anger of a lifetime that maybe you set aside at different points during your life experience. Anger is such the emotion that we want to ingore. However, it often creeps into our reality without a full understanding of exactly what it is or where it comes from. We humans tend to set the intense emotions aside and forget that they are even important. We somehow think that if we acknowledge them in the moment that we can just be done with them. It doesn’t really work that way for most of us. What usually happens is they accumulate and one day when we least expect it they burst out of us on someone who never knows what hit them, so to speak.

     Stan Groff calls this burst of anger a Condensed Experiece, Co-Ex. He describes the build-up of accumulated emotions from one experience to the next until critical mass is reached and all of a sudden everything is spewed onto someone in the moment. The energy is from a lifetime of experience not just that instance. That’s why it can be mind boggling to the recipient in the moment.

     Anyway, you get the gist of this process. Come share the three-day with us and allow yourself to focus on the hurt of the past and bring it into the moment in an exact way so you can learn to release it and begin coping in a good way rather than spewing on others.  



Experiential Events from the HART for 2012 


May 5     HART Dance      10 AM – 4 PM     $88


June 1, 2, & 3     Grief Release Ritual     $108

1st  6-10 PM     2nd  10 AM-5PM     3rd  10AM-2PM


July 7     HART Work     10 AM – 4 PM     $88


August 3, 4, & 5     Emotional Spiritual Physical Balancing     $108

3rd  6-10 PM     4th  10 AM-5PM     5th  10AM-2PM 


September 1     Spirit Dance     10 AM – 4 PM     $88


October 5, 6, & 7     Discovering Your Mask     $108

5th  6-10 PM     6th  10 AM-5PM     7th  10AM-2PM 


We look forward to providing these services for you.

 Infinite Love and Gratitude
















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