June 2012

   Chasing Wolf Commission

     Chasing Wolf, Kevin Hutchinson, has accepted a commission from the HART to paint a mural on the outside of the building at 1384 Madison Avenue. His visionary work is the best representation of the "vertical path" that I have found when exploring today’s artists. We are so honored that he is willing to express the experiences of his fabulous visions. This project is an important part of the revitalization of Madison Avenue and Overton Square. Please send up prayers for his strength and endurance as he begins this incredible work of art for Memphis.

Happy Summer Solstice

     June 21st is my 63rd birthday. I have found myself in some of the most extraordinary situations on Solstice. When I turned 18 I was sitting on the altar stone at Stonehenge while the Druids held their High Noon Ceremony. They walked past me one by one and acknowledged me with direct eye contact. That’s one experience I didn’t forget. Another time… well another time…

     This year, turning 63, I am going to be at a Native American Sun Dance with Chief Golden Light Eagle and Chief Blue Star Eagle. I have been asked to carry the prayers of "the children" to the tree on Solstice. If you have any prayers you want to send up to Creator please send them to me in an email and I shall be most humbly honored to carry them into the arbor so the Dancers can dance them up. If you are so inclined, please allow me to be a messenger for you and any children you may know who want to send up prayers to Creator.

Love Always in All Ways





Grief Release

June 1    6 pm – 10 pm    June 2   10 am – 5 pm    June 3    10 am – 2 pm    $108     

15 contact hours

     This three-day intensive will give you an opportunity to unleash the grief that you have been carrying. Grief is an emotion that often engulfs us when we don’t deal with it in a good way. We don’t release we simply allow our emotions to express so we can all move on to our greater good. Come share the three-day with us and focus on the losses in your life to bring it into the moment you can cope with your pain.   



Experiential Events from the HART for 2012 


June 1, 2, & 3     Grief Release Ritual     $108

1st  6-10 PM     2nd  10 AM-5PM     3rd  10AM-2PM


July 7     Heart Work     10 AM – 4 PM     $88


August 3, 4, & 5     Emotional Spiritual Physical Balancing     $108

3rd  6-10 PM     4th  10 AM-5PM     5th  10AM-2PM 


September 1     Spirit Dance     10 AM – 4 PM     $88


October 5, 6, & 7     Discovering Your Mask     $108

5th  6-10 PM     6th  10 AM-5PM     7th  10AM-2PM 


We look forward to providing these services for you with Infinite Love and Gratitude.
















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