August 2012

A Walk with White Buffalo Calf Woman

Presented by Janice Mickle, One Eagle Plume

Saturday, August 25, 1012

2 – 6 PM

The HART Center

1384 Madison Ave

Memphis, TN 38104

     Join us for an afternoon learning of the legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman, the seven gifts she bestowed upon the Native American people thousands of years ago. Experience a walk with her on this day and hear the loving messages she has to share with us at this important time on Mother Earth. All you need is an open mind and heart to hear and receive. Class Donation $44. 


Spirit Dance

September 1    10 AM – 4 PM    $88    6 Contact hours

 Spirit Dance is a great way to learn to move your body so you can experience release of pent-up emotions that you have stored at a cellular level all your life. This journey work will allow you to tap into that unsuspected inner resource, your Higher Self, to receive guidance from within. Join us to further explore the depths of your psyche. 


Experiential Events from the HART for 2012 


September 1     Spirit Dance     10 AM – 4 PM     $88


October 5, 6, & 7     Discovering Your Mask     $108

              5th  6-10 PM     6th  10 AM-5PM     7th  10AM-2PM 


     Next year we are implementing certification in The Heart Way. We will bring you more information on how you can become certified in all of this experiential work so you can offer it to folks in your community. Stay tuned for further details. 


We look forward to providing these services for you with Infinite Love and Gratitude.
















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