December 2012

The photo is a picture of Abe that i took the day we met. I honor him, his mate, Matilda, and their two fledglings with my heart energy. Namaste

We are continuing progress on getting the innerquest house ready for the decision by the commissioners. We will not be able to continue our work until March when the final decision is passed down by the powers who be.  

Rusty Taylor, Architect, is doing his best to get everything just exactly right so we will be up to code for the American Disabilities Act. Josh Kahane, Attorney, has filed the application to request the City Commission to agree to a special use permit for overnight stays. Teems and DeMoville have completed the HVAC and plumbing work and brought them up to code. We are almost ready for the rough-in with plumbing and HVAC. Gratefully, the house is safe from freezing weather. However, I think we have become a temperate zone.  Andy Boone is at a point where he has to wait until the Commission makes their decision. Tere Maness is patching holes in walls from pulling out electrical wires and Josh Hand has put up a ceiling in our 12 foot hall. We are grateful to everyone for doing this work to help us accomplish such worthy goal for MidTown Memphis. 

Kevin Chasing Wolf Hutchins is painting "The Lady" mural. She evolves every single time he is out there. It is one of the most sacred experiences I have ever witnessed. Especially when the shadow tree casts upon the painting. It is most incredible. Almost as though shadow tree wants to be part of the divine plan. Chasing Wolf intuitively knows exactly what to do to capture the energy of each moment to enhance what one would think could not become even more exquisite! Watching the shadow play is like observing the interface between the tonal and the nagual. 


FedEx Grant

     The HART Center acquired almost 800 votes for the Small Business Grant offered by FedEx. Sometimes it appeared that the votes were not registering. At any rate we sure do appreciate all those who took time to vote for The HART Center. Voting ended November 24. FedEx will determine the winner from the information provided by those who entered and the votes. They will announce the winners in January. Once again thank you to everyone who took time to vote for The HART Center. Namaste 



Janice Mickle Teaching Shamanic Techniques

      On the third weekend of every other month beginning January 18, 2013, Janice is going to come down to Memphis to present the Shamanic workshops that she has been offering in Nashville for years. The six events will be held at The HART Center, 1394 Madison Avenue. Call Janice at 615-830-1512 to speak with her about cost and participation.The HART Center will offer 13 contact hours as a national continuing education provider for NAADAC. 

Here are the event’s dates and times for the Shamanic weekend events: 

January 18 6-8 pm January 19, 10-5   January 20 10-4

March 15, 16, & 17 same times

May 17, 18, & 19 same times

July 19, 20, & 21 same times

September 20, 21, & 22 same times

November 15, 16, & 17 same times

 The HART Center staff are going to take a hiatus from The Heart Way weekend experiential events in 2013 to complete the renovations on the innerquest house and Renaissance Records, to develop the formal curriculum for The Heart Way, and to edit and publish The ESP Model. You’ll be the first to know when the goals have been attained.

     Evelyn Okunbor has made a decision to participate full time in online classes to prepare for her move to Chicago in August 2012. Her last day with The HART Center and Healing Hearts Foundation will be December 25, 2012. We wish you well Evelyn in all that you undertake in life. 

As Always You Are Loved
















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