May 2013 Newsletter


     The renovations of innerquest are almost complete. It is a truly beautiful space. I shall take pictures and make a video and post when everything is done. There are pics on my facebook page already about the process we have gone through from stem to stern. 


Studio 1380 

     We are beginning to shift our energy toward co-creating the video/sound studio. This will be a marvelous venture for the community and for us. Please come by and give us your thoughts if you are inclined.



Shamanic Journey Circle April 6 2 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Shilo and Carol M Tunney, MD

Power Dance

May 4  7 pm until it ends. 

 Shilo and Carol will facilitate an experiential workshop where participants are introduced to an indigenous ceremony to restore personal power. You will have an opportunity to experience being power-filled, to dance and find your power song. The Power Dance is an opportunity to reconnect with spirit and allow yourself to recharge. It is recommended that participants eat lightly or fast the day of the dance. You may want to bring a rattle, water, blanket and pillows. There is a $40 charge for the event.

Contact Shilo at 316-213-9162 


Carol M Tunney, MD

Healing with Crystals 

May 5 10 am – 4 pm

Cost $125

      Participants will be guided in meeting the spirits of crystals and directly experiencing their healing energy. You are welcome to bring any crystals to which you are particularly drawn. The workshop covers crystals as dynamic living beings, journeying to meet the ancient wise crystal beings, selection and clearing of crystals, working intuitively with crystal allies, creating sacred space and grids with crystals, and references for books and resources to find rare crystals. Come learn in a joyful, inspirations, and safe environment with Carol.


Lazora Jones, LMT has returned to The HART Center to provide massages and yoga. contact her at901-620-1854 for details. 

      Developing The HART Way is a joy. We are teaching this for those who are interested in learning the various techniques we offer at The HART Center. The certification process will begin January 2014. Many of you already have participated over the years and your hours with us will be counted as part of your certification experience. So, have your certificates of completion on hand when we offer the certification track in 2014 to determine where you stand in the experience. Everything will be determined on an individual basis. 




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