September 2013 Newsletter

Well!!! I guess y’all know who has been the busiest person in the world this summer! Me! I haven’t published a newsletter since June. I apologize. 



     innerquest is up an running. I put the last sheet on the bed and we immediately had someone come in for a 7 day intensive. I had no idea that iq was going in this direction. I have found it to be quite astonishing watching someone come in all to pieces and leave whole and healing emotionally spiritually physically. What a blessing the experience is for everyone involved. The iq process involved a significant other(s) to provide support during the experience. It is fairly remarkable. The iq number is (901) 361-2157 if you want more information. 


                                                                   Studio 1380 

    We have not begun on iq at this time. We have no AC so it is too hot to work inside. We have heat though so as it cools off we can begin the work over there. That will probably move us to March before it is up and running. We’ll get there. Keep the project in your thoughts with love. 


Massage and Yoga 

     Lazora Jones, LMT has returned to The HART Center to provide massages and yoga. Contact her at (901)620-1854 for details. 

      We are moving into a new trajectory that is not fully understood at this time. Please bare with us as we patiently await Spirit’s unfolding of what comes next. I’m just doing what I’m told, folks.




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