December 2013 Newsletter


     The iq process involves steam showers, acudetox, massage, yoga, healthy food, guided meditations, sound immersion, and process work. The iq number is (901) 361-2157 if you want more information. We are developing a 24 hour intensive that will begin Friday evening at 6 PM and go until Saturday at 6 PM. These experiential processes are Mask Making, Child/Adult, Grief, Anger, Self-Esteem, Relationships and others. We will probably offer these every other month.


                                                                   Studio 1380 

    This has been a most amazing experience learning to focus intention, utilize methodical action, and express consistent determination. The attic in the iq house is now floored, so tomorrow we move the materials from the studio up into the attic for storage. With that conscious action we may begin to renovate the studio. In the studio we are going to have Lazora’s massage room, a gym, hopefully a sensory deprivation tank, and the audio and video recording components. It is getting pretty exciting.

     Healing Hearts Foundation, our 501(c)(3), is going to set up the recording opportunities for folks who would never otherwise be able to go inside a studio to record their art. I you have a desire to donate to the cause, go to and click on donations which will take you to Pay Pal that makes a direct deposit into the HHF account. 

                                                       Continuing Education Classes

     I have had several people request that I start up the continuing education classes again. When I was the Regional Training Coordinator I had a grant that paid my salary for setting up and hosting these events. If I choose to return to professional training I shall have to charge double for the courses. Therefore, I put it to you to let me know if you are willing to pay $75 for a 6 hour course? These topics will cover substance abuse and mental health issues. The HART Center is a NAADAC approved provider.

Massage and Yoga 

     Lazora Jones, LMT provides massages and yoga. She is available to the public for massages and yoga instruction. Contact her at (901)620-1854 for your appointments. 

      Thank you for your patience with me as Source brings everything together for us in a good way.




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