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Heart Work March 14, 2015 



     I don’t know about y’all but these years are going by so fast I can hardly catch my breath. It is a truth that as I get older the years go by faster. However, even the baby children that I talk to think that Christmas is getting her very fast. I remember thinking it was centuries from one Christmas to another. Now the children tell me that they are excited because they know it will be here before they realize it is past. Maybe everything is speeding up…


     Again I want y’all to know that I am dedicated to birthing Studio 1380 in 2015. It is an exciting time for us. The clients are chomping at the bit to get in there are give their creativity a healthy outlet. It is going to be so much fun watching them let go of their pent up emotions through music. I am certain that creative suppression has been a large part of their tendency to abuse substances. We’re about to find out. Anybody who wants to set up a research protocol let me know 901-828-1332.


      I have not put together the 2015 experiential calendar. I am not certain we are going to offer this to the community since we do not have folks registering for these events. If you want to participate you can give me a call 901-828-1332 and we will make a decision about that in the near future. If we offer these 24 hour intensives to the community they  will start at 6 pm Friday and go until 6 pm Saturday. The cost will be $325 and you will get 15 contact hours that are NAADAC approved. Let me know or we will not post them.


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