March 2014 Newsletter

March 14 & 15 intensive cancelled due to weather damage at The HART Center.

Everything is Around the Corner!


     We begin our 24 hour intensives this month. This one is March 7 and 8. We will start The Child Within/The Adult Without at 6 PM Friday and go through Saturday at 6 PM.  For those of you who have not experienced this experiential event you may find it helpful to learn to deal with your family of origin issues that keep cropping up in your present life experiences. The cost is $325. Professionals who need continuing education hours may receive 15 contact hours by request. If you have never done personal trajectory work these six events are offered to give you an opportunity to move deeper and deeper into your personal healing experience. You can click on them on our calendar and get the particulars of each event. 

     These events will be held at innerquest. We will offer Trance Dance or Shamanic Ritual Friday from 6 – 9 for those who want to do a short piece of personal transformative work and then leave. The cost for these three hour experiential events is $75. If you decide afterward to continue the experience it will depend on space at iq. 

     We hope that you will choose to join us to develop a community of people who are ready to explore the very depths of their psyche. This type of community work can elevate relationships to a new level of communication.

     Studio 1380 is looking good! The gym is about ready for painting. We are using the Chakra and Ray colors throughout the building. It is quite beautiful. Jay came in to put down the bathroom floor with tile left from the iq project. It is beautiful. Come join us as we begin to set the intention and energy field of this incredible project. 


With Much Love

One Pulse


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