July 2014 Newsletter

Happy Independence Day


  I shall be in Prague most of July and will not take telephone calls. I shall be able to do as I was told by Spirit and have everything done except the video room before I leave. It’s a miracle. I want to acknowledge the staff for all the work they have put into this project. Without them I would never have met this goal. We have the five rooms completed, except for the mural in the massage room. Chasing Wolf is going to complete that for us.

  Dr. Mel Jackson has her Chiropractic office, Lazora Jones has her massage space, and Stephen Pair has his gym. Jim brought the equipment he donated to the gym last weekend and installed it. Sharma brought her Total gym, and my tread mill is in place. It’s a miracle!

  My fabulous niece, Laura, came up and worked herself silly getting everything moved out of the video recording room and the storage room in HART. Now we will be able to set up the kiln and offer pottery classes. Laura is going to come up and teach art once a month while she is getting her Masters in Education specializing in challenged youth. 

  Our next weekend intensive is August 15, 16, & 17. The focus is Shame and Guilt. Friday night we will facilitate an event that the a participant may come and leave afterward. Those who are seeking a deeper exploration will be able to stay the night in innerquest as we move more into the focus of the weekend. Then those who feel the need to continue after Saturday will be able to do that, too. We will hold the container for those who have a desire to go further into their healing process over Saturday night and finish up Sunday at 3 pm. The charges for this experience will be as follows. The Friday night event will cost $75, through Saturday $325, and through Sunday $425. This will include food, bedding, supplies, steam shower and acudetox, if you’re interested in that facet of the experience. You must be preregister and pay in advance so we do not have to contend with payment at the time of the event. If you have questions call and talk with Shilo at 901-726-4213.

  In September we will facilitate the Grief Ritual, and in October we will offer Mask Making. Please remember we have limited space so preregister pretty quickly if you want a space. If you choose to go through the entire experience you must stay in the iq house. You cannot leave the grounds. You cannot smoke cigarettes or go out for coffee. You must stay off your phones and stay focused on the event to get the full benefit. 

  For those who need contact hours for continuing education there will be hours available upon request for each process or for the whole experience. Friday night will give you 3 hours, through Saturday 15 hours, and through Sunday 25 hours. It is round the clock work that is wonderful and healing. 

   We hope that you will choose to join us to develop a community of people who are ready to explore the very depths of their psyche. This type of community work can elevate relationships to a new level of communication. We hope to begin facilitating a process group for the community as it grows. Come be part of this wonderous exploration of your psyche.

With Much Love

One Pulse


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