September 2014 Newsletter

Happy Labor Day

  Our next weekend intensive is September 12 & 13. We will provide a sacred container for the Grief Ritual as taught by Melidoma and Sobonfu Some. We will begin at 6 pm Friday night and continue until 6 pm Saturday. The community is welcome to participate. We will not offer the layers of experiential work that we have done previously this year. This 24 hour intensive will be dedicated solely to the Grief Ritual. The cost is $325, which includes food, bedding, supplies, steam shower, and acudetox, if you’re interested in that facet of the experience. You must preregister and prepay in advance to lock down your sleeping space as it is limited to 16 participants. You cannot leave the grounds. You cannot smoke cigarettes or go out for coffee. You must stay off your phones and stay focused on the event to get the full benefit. For those who need contact hours for continuing education there will be 15 hours available upon request. It is round the clock work that is wonderful and healing. If you have questions call and talk with Shilo at 901-726-4213.


 In October we will offer Mask Making that will lend itself to the layers of experiential work, including Trance Dance and Heart Work. Remember to preregister early to get a space. This is a deeply profound and fun experiential process that allows you to dive right into your healing experience. 


  We hope that you will choose to join us as we develop a community of people who are ready to explore the depths of their psyche in so many wonderful ways. This type of community work can elevate relationships to a new level of communication. We hope to begin facilitating a process group for the community as it grows. Come be part of this wonderous exploration.

With Much Love

One Pulse


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