June 2015 Newsletter


Happy Summer Solstice


 We got a new roof on Studio 1380. After all was said and done the patching just didn’t get the job done. We are finally getting underway with getting everything completed. I can hardly wait to get the breakout room furniture in place and the piano that my sister, Dianne, donated to us. Then I can hang the Woodell art. Yipee.  His work is amazing.


 Then I am looking for pictures of all the blues/wo/men to hang on the front wall with the Highway 61 sign that God gave to us. If you have any let me know and We can work out a deal to get them hung in Studio 1380. 


 I’m going to ask my friend Gianni Marcusi in Rome, Italy. Gianni came over in 1977 and taped all of the Mississippi Bluesmen up and down Highway 61. He has great pictures of them all. I imagine he will share those with us. I’m also going to ask John Keen, a photographer down in the Delta, what he has available.


 It is going to be an amazing adventure just walking into it. Sultan painted the symbols on the wall so beautifully. He’s back in Palestine. We are so grateful he stopped on his way back home to do this for us. What a blessing.


 I’m ready to start exploring the equipment. My cousin, Charly, is in Russia, but he will connect me to an engineer at Delta State University to learn what exactly we need for our space. It’s getting exciting.  


     One Pulse


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