July 2015 Newsletter


Happy Independence Day


 Amro Music has completed the repairs on the baby grand that was donated by Chester Watson’s family to Healing Hearts Foundation. Charles did a wonderful job restringing and bringing it up to par. It is a beautiful instrument.


 I have reconnected to my friend in Italy who came over here in the 70s to record the blues legends of the time. He has photographs of them in their hey day. Giambattista Marcucci, also has all the blues legends like Sam Chapman, Willie Taylor, etc recorded. He is in the process of digitalizing the 16th CD. His web cite is mbirafon is you want to purchase his CDs or his sculptures. He learned to sculpt from Son Thomas, Leland, Mississippi, bluesman and artist. Anyway, Gianni has agreed to allow me to use some of his photos for the entrance wall honoring Highway 61. I’m waiting to hear from John Keen, a photographer down in the Delta. It looks like I shall be able to procure some young and old photos of our dearly beloveds. 


 I hope you all find your independence this day. It is a treasure beyond measure. I pray you all experience it in this lifetime.  


     One Pulse


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