August 2015 Newsletter


It is August Already!


 Somehow I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that August is already here. 

      September 18 and 19 we are offering the Creation Chrysalis overnight intensive at The HART Center. Everyone will stay overnight at the iq house. This unique experience will teach participants how to activate their personal Chrysalis so others are unable to spill their energy into the the personal boundary. This is a powerful tool for anyone working with others. The cost is $225 for 15 contact hours. All intensives must be pre-registered due to limited space.

 November 20 & 21 we are offering a Mask Making overnight intensive. This experiential offering allows participants to partner up and make plaster masks of each other’s faces. Then there is the decorating of the mask to represent the inner journey work that is being explored. Overnight is mandatory. The cost is $225, which includes lodging and meals at the iq house plus 15 contact hours.

 Studio 1380 is on its way to you. Please be patient as I am on a learning curve with the development of the audio and video studios. It’s all so new. I really haven’t a clue what to do or what equipment to get. I know that Spirit will place the right person at the right time. I am a patient person.

   Have a great month.



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