February 2016 Newsletter


The Heart Way Certification


       The 2016 Experiential Events are filling to capacity pretty quickly. If you want to participate please let me know as soon as possible. They will count toward training in The HART Way next year when I begin the larger certification track. All of the work will be posted but you can only attend if you register in advance because of limited space. Call me at 901-828-1332 if you want to participate and need sacred space held for you. Because of the limited space you will be required to pay in advance to hold your space.

        This  year the staff is participating this year to begin their certification process. It is pretty exciting to have this in place. However, I do not have the cost for The Heart Way certification at this time. I know it will include everything for the experience, like housing, food, facilitation, teaching, and personal/professional growth. There will be contact hours for this training. 


February 12 & 13 The Child Within The Adult Without (Students) FILLED to capacity

March 17 Conscious Movement (Open)

April 8 & 9 Shame & Guilt (Open)

May 17 Animal Spirit (Open)

June 18 Heart Dance (Open)

July 29 & 30 Rage Release (Open)

August 13 Heart Work (Open)

September 16 & 17 Grief Release (Open) 

October 14 & 15 Mask Making (Open) 


We hope you join us for these wonderful experiential processes. 


Peace, Jane 



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