May 2016 Newsletter


Happy May Day


    We are so busy right now. We have added more staff and it is an exciting time for us all. We are adjusting office space yet again. It is like maneuvering a maze to get everything just right. 

    Our new staff  includes Liz Dana, Dana Hall, Leigh Pitre, Bobbi Smith, and Regina Howard. They are an amazing group of women who are bringing wonderful energy to our experience.

    We have restructured our entire treatment milieu to focus on the Stages of Change. That has brought so much clarity to the clients and staff. It makes everything quite understandable in that now the progress is directly related to the work that clients do while they are with us. It is a very specific milieu. The clients like it a lot and the staff is grateful for the balance it brings to the entire experience.

     We have begun offering all kinds of experiential processes to the clients throughout their treatment process with us.  They seem to relate to the mysteries of how movement, art, breath, and music carry them into a deeper reflection. It is fun to explore with them.

      Anyway, you get the idea. Things are changing rapidly around here.


Peace, Jane 



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