June 2016 Newsletter


Happy Summer Solstice


   When I say things are changing I mean they are changing in a large way. Some staff went on their way. It was sad to see them go but hey life is life. Not everyone fits in the same spot. It’s always a surprise to me though. Anyway we are about to bring on Evelyn Howard, LCSW, who is a dear friend of many years. She’s a Memphis native, if you can imagine that. Her husband Mark Lackmann is already working with us. They hail fro The Ranch. How fortunate we are they found their way home. I think our team is solidifying in a good way. We have a part time person, Leigh Pitre, who did her practicum and internship with us from UofM, that will be brought on full time as soon as possible.

   There is so much going on. We have had donations to Studio 1380. We have 2 analog mixers, mikes, stands, a keyboard, and all kinds of other things with which to record music. I am still wanting to set up the video recording studio first so we can capture the birth. Anyone who want to volunteer their expertise in what kind of camera to get and how to set it up will be greatly appreciated. I haven’t a clue.

   Keith is going to get certification in Pro Tools at Delta State University down in the Delta. My cousin Charly Abraham is part of the DMI Department and told us about the certification. We may not have that equipment yet but this let’s me now it is on its way. Pretty exciting. Keith may be our engineer.

   We are still waiting on the funds to present so I can bring on Mich Lehman to be our Project Manager. That will happen in its timing. I just feel impatient sometimes because I want it to come into being right now.

   Excuse me while I process in this newsletter. I suppose it is part of setting my intention to birth everything that I spill it to all of you who take time to read this. I suppose it will help be build the energy necessary to manifest the Dream.

   Thanks for listening, Jane 



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