October 2016 Newsletter


Happy Halloween


     We are moving toward opening The Heart Way certification track in January 2017. The first year’s schedule is created. Now we just want to set the dates for each event. We are already bringing the experiential work to the clients and it is making an obvious difference in how they relate to their personal recovery.

     The last three years I have been on a planetary excursion learning and growing in more ways than I can say. That method is transforming into another phase of which I am unsure. I seldom know the outcome of where Spirit moves me. I just get my feet in motion and "step" into the unknown with a trust and knowing that God will provide all that is needed to manifest the vision. I have vision, but I don’t know quite how to get there. However,  I know we do. As a species, as a country, as a planet we will transition into the Unified Field. I see it manifesting all around me right now. I really don’t know how it works I just know it does.

     So we’re off again into the Mystic. "Are you ready now?" That faceless voice rings in my ears as clearly today as it did in 1973. I am. Peace unto you all. I imagine that y’all are ready, too. Why else would this be manifesting? Right? So I’ll see you as w trudge the happy road of destiny. I’m looking forward to meeting you on the way. 

 Many Blessings to you all.





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