News from The HART – March 2007

Your  Light  Bowl


       There is an emptiness left inside of those left behind when folks make decisions to leave our common reality. It seems that they are just outside of our reach and emotions that we call sadness seep into the void. When folks make conscious decisions to leave our common reality they seem to know only after the fact that that is what they are doing. I talked with several such people
and noticed that they were ready to “fight” their exits so they could stay a while but alas they had left themselves little time to turn the tide. They seemed to recognize that they had only to accept their experiences and make it “right” by moving into the transition with eyes wide open. It is often difficult for us to set aside our personal responses and bless their leaving. One way to begin the blessing of their journey is to go on a quest to find the perfect bowl to hold your blessings of light to fill the void left by their exit. Once you find your bowl smudge it in a good way, fill it with light and place it on your altar. Every time you begin to fill the emptiness take up the bowl and drink deeply the light blessings for those lost and for yourself. Allow the blessings to fill you up until you spill over the sides to fullness. Bathe in the light and know that you are blessed in ways that you cannot imagine. Be grateful and know that you are blessed by the blessing.

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