News from the HART – May 2007

The Water of Life

     Dr. Masaru Emoto did some research about water. He placed healthy words, like love, on some containers of water and watched them crystallize into beautiful formations and unhealthy words, like hate, on others and watched them fragment into distortions.
There is mention of his findings on What The Bleep Do We Know when the protagonist looks into the mirror and recalls a man who said to her, “if words effect water that way imagine what they do to us.” Dr. Emoto suggests that the 25th of every month at either 7:25 am or 7:25 pm we take a container of water and bless it with love and healing thoughts and energy. It feels really wonderful to give back to water what it gives to us. Our bodies are almost nothing but water. In fact, someone once suggested me that the reason land creatures exist is because water wanted to move about so it figured a way to do just that. Marylee Hardenbergh co-created an incredible event up and down the Mississippi River for Summer Solstice 2006. She established sites is in Lake Itasca and Minneapolis, Minnesota, Quad Cities, St. Louis, East St Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, and Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. There were dancers who volunteered their time to simultaneously dance a choreographed piece to music that she had commissioned for the event The music was played over public radio and the dancers danced to honor the Mississippi River. It was masterful. We thank Marylee for her work to help people become more aware of the Father of Waters in our beautiful garden. Now Gary FourStar is setting up a “Walk for Water” May 2008. Let’s help him reach as many people as possible to alert them further to the dangers we face if we do not begin to be responsible for healing the waters of the Earth. Won’t it be a remarkable experience when on that day in May 2008 people come together in as many cities as possible people to simultaneously walk for water in their area? I should say so…. The HART Center volunteers to be a gathering place for the coordination of the Memphis Walk for Water.

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