Newsletter -May 2008


   The innerquest process has change a bit so I wanted to let folks know what we are doing at this point. Keith and I are continuing to offer the non-residential component of iq through The HART Center as always. We offer a wide array of recovery services for those who are seeking a deeper meaning to their lives.

     innerquest includes all of the processes that we have offered throughout the years. HART Work and trance movement happens more often with those in iq. There is group therapy that offers folks an opportunity to really delve into their life experience gathering clarity and understanding to go clear. We are including three-day intensives like grief release, child-within/adult without, rage release, mask making and other events that are truly amazing methods for tapping into emotional spiritual physical imbalances to attain balance in these areas.

     Grief Release is a powerful experience that we learned from Melidoma and Sobonfu Some. We begin it with HART Work and move into co-creating a sacred space by building a portal to carry the grief of a lifetime back to Source. Accompanying this is drumming and singing. It is an incredible release experience. Child Within-Adult Without is another three day event that moves you through your lifetime experience to tap into imprints that have caught you in your automatic response system. Moving beyond that into recognizing who you are and becoming embodies spirit is a phenomenal way to access that unsuspected inner resource that folks talk about in recovery. Rage Release is an opportunity that allows you to access all the inner turmoil that leaks out in your life experience as anger. This cathartic experience leaves you free and clear to release your pent up anger in a healthy and controlled way. Mask Making is another inner journey that helps you access your internal process in order to begin matching the inner to the outer and the outer to the inner. You will actually make a mask of your own face and decorate it to represent your inner process. HART Work is a 6 hour experience where you lie on a sleeping bag or mat for a while listening to music, aligning your chakras, or energy centers, to fabulous music then capture the experience with art supplies. Trance Movement offers you a chance to trust the process by moving to driving music while blindfolded. HART DANCE involves meditation, breath, movement, art and process work to carry you into an internal journey. Spirit Dance is a very focused process that helps you learn to move your body when you build the energy through yoga and music. You learn specific moves that will help you access unbelievable levels of awareness within yourself.

     This is some of the experiential events we offer at The HART Center through the innerquest process. We have discovered that being involved with an ongoing group is a wonderful way to build support as you delve into your life experience. We hope that you will join us for these and many more opportunities to explore your inner journey.  

Events from the HART 

May 3          9 am – 3 pm         HART Work              Keith & Jane             $75

HART Work is what some call Integrative Breathwork or Holotropic Breathwork. We offer this 6 hour event for those who want to delve into their psyche to explore the depths of their life experience. We provide incredible music for your meditative breath exploration and art supplies for you to use when you return from your journey as a means of capturing the experience for future reference as you continue to explore the depth of your being.

May 11          10 am – 2 pm     Reiki Level II            Jane             $200

Reiki Level II is the attunement when you receive the symbols that empowers the Reiki energy to flow through you more powerfully. You must be Level I before you are Level II attuned. The energy that pours through you after Level II is amazing.

By Appointment Only       Acupuncture Detoxification        Jane           $10        

We offer  this to those who want to detoxify their bodies from various substances as well as to de-stress. You must call Jane 901-828-1332 every time to set an appointment in order participate.

Tuesday        7 pm – 8 pm         Meditation            Jane                  $5

This experience will offer newcomers an opportunity to learn different meditation techniques including guided meditation, music meditation, Buddhist meditation, and moving meditation.

Wednesday   7 pm – 8:30 pm    Open HART Night     Community Volunteers    $5

Energy work will continue as it has for several years. You will come in and sign your name, a practitioner will ask you to set an intention and then provide about 20 minutes energy work in the company of others who are there for the same reason. This is some of the best stress management I have ever experienced, not to mention the healing qualities of the work you will receive from the magnificent practitioners who are all certified in their area of expertise.

The HART Center Non-Residential Treatment Services 

The HART Center has been named a recipient of Access To Recovery II funds. We are taking consumers into the program as of April 10 when we were notified by  Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, Division of Alcohol and Drug Services. For this grant the Intensive Outpatient Program consumer must have Methamphetamine abuse as part of the diagnosis. Recovery Support Services will continue to provide access to those in recovery who want to move deeper into clearing issues that arise in the recovery process. At The HART Center we are dedicated to helping folks find their emotional spiritual physical balance. We offer outpatient services for all types of substance abuse, food disorders, domestic violence batterer intervention, anger management, and parenting classes to those needing to address these issues and move into recovery. Call Jane 901-828-1332 for details.

Walk for the Water    May 30 – June 10 2008     Gary Adler FourStar

On May 30 – June 10, 2008 a group of people, led by native American Elders and indigenous people from around the world will be meeting at the Headwaters of the Chattahoochee River in North Georgia, to Walk for the Water. This is a prayerful walk of thanksgiving for the natural world, our Creator and Water. Join us for all or part of this 10 day walk. Let your voice be heard, let your feet do your praying, let your breath be of thanksgiving. Walk for Water, Water is Life, Walk for Life. Our voice will make a difference. 

Grace House Regional Training Events  

May 16          Family Dynamics        Anna Whalley, LCSW            $30

May 17          Evidence-based Practice for Co-Occurring Disorders    Jamie Petit, Ph.D.    $30

Make check payable to Grace House and send it to Regional Training Event, Att: Jane Abraham, 329 N. Bellevue, Memphis, TN 38105. Or, you can register online at if you’d rather do it that way.  

We hope to see you at some or all of these fabulous events coming up. If you need our services please call me at 901-828-1332. Namasté Jane   

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