October 2013 Newsletter


     What a blessing is the innerquest experience for everyone who has participated. The process involves steam showers, acudetox, massage, yoga, healthy food, guided meditations, sound immersion, process work and experiential processes. The iq number is (901) 361-2157 if you want more information. 


                                                                   Estudio 1380 

    It is about to be cool enough that we can work in Studio 1380 to get it renovated because we have heat. We got a bid for $12,000 to replace the AC but we don’t have that amount of money at this time. We will probably be March or April before it is up and running. Keep this most sacred project in your loving thoughts. Healing Hearts Foundation, our 501(c)(3) is going to set up this opportunity for folks who would never otherwise be able to go inside a studio to record their art. You may donate to HHF and the money will be used toward the AC system. Go to www.healingheartsfoundation.net and click on donations which will take you to Pay Pal that makes a direct deposit into the HHF account. Thanks for you financial assistance on this project for those who will benefit as well as the community.


Massage and Yoga 

     Lazora Jones, LMT has returned to The HART Center to provide massages and yoga. Contact her at (901)620-1854 for appointments. 

      It appears that I am not going to be training anyone in The HART Way in 2014. I have begun a new adventure that is carrying me in another direction. However, we will re-open the three-day events monthly to the community. We will not offer continuing education. These events will be for personal work. You may accumulate hours toward The HART Way certification that will be forthcoming one day. I am not sure exactly when that will happen. As you all know I do what I am told which requires a tremendous amount of flexibility to stay in the Sunlight of the Spirit. I know y’all understand that so thank you for your patience with me as Source brings everything together in a good way.




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