February 2014 Newsletter

Happy Valentine’s Day


     We have set up for six intensives in 2014. We will begin the experiential events the third weekend of March. They will all be on the third weekend of the month. We will host in March April May, August, September, and October. These events will be offered to the general public.

 We will start with The Child Within/The Adult Without to provide a sacred and safe container for you to explore your childhood and how it impacts your current thoughts and behaviors. The second event will be Shame and Guilt, the third event will be Rage Release, the fourth is Grief Release, the fifth event will be The ESP Model, and the sixth event will be Grief Release. They are offered on a trajectory that will allow participants to move deeper and deeper into their personal healing experience. You can click on them on our calendar and get the particulars of each event. 

     These events will be help at innerquest. We will have the 24 hour intensive that will provide 15 contact hours to those professionals who need continuing education. We will also offer Trance Dance or Shamanic Ritual Friday from 6 – 9 for those who want to do a short piece of personal transformative work. Otherwise these 24 hours intensives will be deeply involved with a particular experience and trajectory.

     We hope that you will choose to join us and begin to develop a community of people who are ready to explore the very depths of their psyche. This type of community work can elevate relationships to a new level of communication.

     We are painting Studio 1380. We have taken out the ceiling in the gym. We are having fun. Come join us as we begin to set the intention and energy field of this incredible project. 


With Much Love

One Pulse


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