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The Healing Arts Research Training Center, LLC, The HART Center™, is a facility dedicated to helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives. As a locally owned small business (LOSB)  and a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) in Memphis, Tennessee we work to create an atmosphere of collaboration. We are funded by Shelby County Drug Court to provide services for the criminal justice system. We are TennCare providers for people who live in Tennessee.

We are skilled professionals with over 100 years of combined experience. We utilize specialty techniques to accelerate your healing process and support you as you identify your process of change and transformation. We are experts trained in working with individuals, couples, and families by providing direct care. Our clinicians are adept at using traditional diagnostic and assessment tools that reveal underlying barriers to your success. We help you to remember that in the darkest moment you are birthing a new outcome in your development. We encourage you as you begin to understand that change is essential to the expression of your inner strengths and gifts. We are dedicated to your safe transformation into a healthy, productive, and creative lifestyle that is wellness based so you can focus on your life with meaning and purpose.

The multidisciplinary team offers unique activities for personal growth. We provide counseling, energy work, drumming, and deeper processes such as psychodrama and heart work to help people go inward by utilizing breath, music, and movement. Along with creative art expression we help activate the inner healer / teacher.

The HART Center™
1384 Madison Avenue | Memphis, TN 38104 | 901-726-4213
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