Hart Center Memphis Mural
Mural by Kevin "Chasing Wolf" Hutchinson

With Love For The Greatest Benefit To All

Providing direct care for individuals, groups, and families with challenges relating to mental health and substance abuse. At The HART Center, we utilize specialty techniques to accelerate your healing process and support you as you identify your process of change and transformation.


The HART Center™ commits to provide a safe setting and quality care to those who seek to move into a wellness-based lifestyle so they may find intellectual emotional spiritual physical balance with love for the greatest benefit to all.

The HART Center works closely with the Criminal Justice System as Shelby County Drug Court Service Providers, to provide cutting-edge care to those who have legal difficulties. Our primary objective in this area is to initiate change by helping close the door to recidivism and helping transform our community.


It is our vision to offer services to those who choose to heal as they discover, uncover, and recover the parts of themselves that have been lost during a lifetime of experience. It is our intention to provide a safe setting for those who are ready to reveal the secrets that have kept them locked into unhealthy patterns of behavior.


**The Tennessee Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse Services provides funding that may cover the expenses of the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and the Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) for those who qualify. As trauma specialists, HHF is also funded by the Office of Criminal Justice Programs to assist victims of violent crimes with substance abuse issues so they may find their way to healing.

The HART Center

Providing non-residential mental health and addiction observation, assessment and treatment services; providing continuing education services, namely, workshops, written materials, and other information in the field of experiential methods of healing, to addiction counselors and other professionals.

The HART Center Objective

As a licensed non-residential (outpatient) substance abuse and mental health clinic in Midtown Memphis, TN, we offer direct observation, assessment, and services to those afflicted with mental health and substance abuse, Co-Occurring Disorders.

As contracted service providers with the Shelby County Drug Court we provide cutting edge services to those who have legal challenges. Together our objective is to initiate change by closing the door on recidivism and transforming the community.
We use traditional therapy but have learned that getting involved at a deeper level brings up old beliefs and patterns of self-defeating behaviors.

Therefore, we use alternative experiential processes such as Heart Work, Heart Dance, and Conscious Movement to help clients get in touch with their core issues for releasing and healing.

Together The HART Center™ staff has more than 100 years of experience and have trained with some of the most credible teachers in the field of addictions.
The Healing Arts Research Training Center is a nationally approved continuing education provider with the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC). As national providers, we advance the field of addictions by teaching these unique therapeutic interventions to other professionals.